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With their extensive knowledge and expertise in human memory and cognition, James S. Nairne and new co-author Dawn M. McBride have fully revised the best-selling Psychology, Seventh Edition, presenting a broad survey of the field through a unique problem-solving framework. By first considering the purpose of concepts and processes students are prepared to understand the context of when, why and how psychological phenomena occur in real life. This structure helps students appreciate why psychological concepts are important by stressing the function and purpose of those concepts in everyday life. Empirically-based pedagogy is presented throughout the text —including concept reviews, self-tests, critical thinking activities, and active chapter summaries; each promotes active learning and deeper thinking. Key topics are also reinforced through retrieval practice, a process supported by memory research. The Seventh Edition includes updated research on key topics in cognition, neuroscience, social psychology, and research methodology, as well as a brand-new feature that teaches students how to become critical consumers of research.