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Key Features

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Special Features

  • Problems to Be Solved sections introduce and frame each chapter. These sections describe how psychological processes are tools designed to help people solve important adaptive and practical problems in their lives.
  • Problems Solved sections summarize and review the main content of the chapters and focus specifically on how the major adaptive and conceptual problems of the chapter are solved by the major process and tools covered in the chapter.
  • Practical Solutions sections gives students an inside look at a particular study or topic in psychological science with applications to everyday living.
  • Concept Reviews are included in each chapter to help students understand and review the main points in the section.
  • Knowledge Checks focus on the important role that retrieval practice can play in promoting active learning and the retention of knowledge.
  • Thinking About Research: At the end of each chapter, we present a summary of the main sections of a research article that relates the chapter’s concepts. Critical thinking questions about the study are included to help students tie the research study to what they are learning in the chapter.