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National Traditions in Sociology

National Traditions in Sociology

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August 1989 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the discipline of sociology has grown enormously--in its literature, in its influence, and in its institutional development. Now, as a result of it being recognized as a major field of study in all parts of the world, sociology has entered a new phase of its existence--as a genuine international science. Nikolai Genov looks back over the past few decades since World War II to study the manner in which national conditions determine the content of sociological theorizing. The present collection provides abundant empirical evidence and theoretical analyses of the wide variety of national sociological traditions--contributed by well known scholars in the international scientific community. Intriguing case studies are used to represent the major regions of worldwide sociology and to cover its main theoretical directions. The contributors suggest that there is a growing need for scholars to understand the context of disciplinary development in other countries. This indispensable volume will make the mutual understanding among scholars easier and enrich their visions on the means and ends of international sociology. "These essays, well written and carefully documented, are both interesting and intriguing. What one learns is that the culture, politics, and traditions of each of these countries shape the discipline, order the research agendas, and define the central issues of the field. . . . For the professional sociologist this collection offers a marvelous opportunity to discover how one's colleagues in other countries approach sociology. But it also offers an opportunity for the professional sociologist to realize that American sociology is not universally accepted as the model of the discipline. Indeed, after reading this volume one might gain an appreciation and understanding of how American sociologists champion their approach." --Choice

Nikolai Genov
National Sociological Traditions and Internationalization of Sociology
Diane Austin-Broos
Australian Sociology and Its Historical Environment
David Millett
Canadian Sociology on the World Scene
Gonzalo Catano and Gabriel Restrepo
The Development of Sociology in Columbia
Alain Drouard
The Development of Sociology in France after 1945
Rudi Weidig
Sociology in the German Democratic Republic
Johannes Weiss
Sociology in the Federal Republic of Germany
Kalman Kulcsar
Tradition, Modernization, and Sociology (The Case of Hungary)
Ramkrishna Mukherjee
Indian Sociology or Sociology in India?
Akinsola Akiwowo
Building National Sociological Tradition in an African Subregion
Vilen Ivanov and Gennadi Osipov
Traditions and Specific Features of Sociology in the USSR
Martin Albrow
Sociology in Britain after World War II
Jonathan H Turner
American Sociology
Its Growth and Contemporary Profile


`these essays, well written and carefully documented are both interesting and intriguing.... Offers a a marvelous opportunity to discover how one's colleagues in other countries approach sociology.' - Choice

`Each essay in the book exposes the reader to the specific flavour of sociology practised in one or another state society, what the book achieves as a whole goes far beyond the intents of particular pieces. First, the book unfolds that sociology as a discipline shares a set of concepts, theories and methodologies irrespective of the character of the locale in which it is practised. Second, the book helps one, to identify the pre-requisities which fosters sociology as a creative discipline - cultural pluralism, political freedom and committment to analyze the problems of one's society' - Sociological Bulletin

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ISBN: 9780803981973