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Native Americans

Native Americans

© 2001 | 400 pages | CQ Press

Using both contributed essays from eminent scholars and excerpts of primary source documents with explanatory headnotes, the new reference series, American Political History, will focus on broad-based issues in American political history.

The first title in the series explores the political history of Native Americans. Through a combination of documents and analytical essays-court cases, legislation, executive branch statements and activities-Native Americans will explain a wide range of historical, political, and social issues that have impacted Native Americans since the founding of the United States.

Native Americans will explain:

  • The historical and legal federal Indian policy
  • Native American self-government and politics
  • Social Issues like religious freedom, women's rights, criminal justice, equal protection, welfare, and the environment
  • Governing Issues such as sovereignty of tribal government, genocide, ethnocide, taxation, hunting rights, water rights, and property rights.

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ISBN: 9781568026831