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New Directions in Social Theory

New Directions in Social Theory
Race, Gender and the Canon

June 2006 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`This book contributes to the growing debates about social theory and its role through a discussion of the ways in which gender and race contributed to the exclusion of important thinkers from the sociological canon' - John Hughes, Lancaster University

Who makes up the `canon' of sociology - and who doesn't? And does sociology need a canon in the first place? Beyond Social Theory offers an innovative and passionate contribution to current debates on the history and development of sociology and the exclusion of theorists - who are female, black, or both - from the mainstream of social theorizing. With compelling biographical sketches bringing the dynamics behind the `canon' to life, Kate Reed focuses sharp analysis on the exclusion of theorists on race and gender from important debates on inequality.

An important contribution to the debate on non-exclusionary theory, this book critically examines existing accounts of the history of the discipline, situating the development of social theory within a wider social and political context.

The Classical Tradition
Race, Gender and Hidden Classics
Theories of the Golden Age
Race, Gender and Sociological Outsiders
Postmodernism and Social Theory
Beyond Sociological Exclusion

"This important, tightly organized and written book deserves serious consideration and discussion. Essential."

A. A. Sio
Colgate University

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