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New Venture Strategy

New Venture Strategy
Timing, Environmental Uncertainty, and Performance

June 1998 | 120 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
If an opportunity exists, is it best to ensure that your product is first to the market or is performance enhanced through waiting and following? What factors should an entrepreneur consider in deciding when to take the lead in being the first to introduce a new product or service? What can be done to improve new venture performance? New Venture Strategy examines the process of introducing a new product or service and offers readers a framework for thinking through the issues involved in new venture performance. Examples include entry timing, market conditions facing the entrant, focus or breadth of entry scope, product or process mimicry, creation and development of entry barriers, and differences between independent and corporate ventures. New Venture Strategy will be useful as a core text in courses on entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, new product development, small business, and strategic planning. It will also be of interest to those developing business plans and others involved in new venture funding, marketing, and business development.

Common Wisdom on the Timing of Entry
Environmental Stability, Timing and New Venture Performance
Educational Capability, Timing and New Venture Performance
Barriers to Entry, Timing and New Venture Performance
Scope of Entry and Degree of Mimicry
Two Factors That Affect New Venture Uncertainty

Competence, Timing of Entry and New Venture Performance
Conclusion and Summary

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