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Fundamentals of Criminal Law

Fundamentals of Criminal Law
Caught in the Act

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March 2022 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Fundamentals of Criminal Law: Caught in the Act offers an accessible, comprehensive and contemporary survey of the field. With a focus on the current state of the law and on contemporary problems that matter to students, all presented in way that piques curiosity and interest, this book will cover topics such as hate crime, free speech, human trafficking, firearms possession and use, self-defense, cybercrime, and Internet stalking. Speaking to students rather than down to them, author Daniel E. Hall engages students in the content and helps them think critically about how criminal acts are defined, defended, and determined.

Built around a conversational narrative, the concepts and optional case studies connect to real life and meet students where they are. There is also a clear emphasis on cases and examples that are relevant to criminal justice majors and future practitioners, such as litigation against police and correctional officers, terrorism, the death penalty, corporal punishment in prisons, etc. 

Chapter 1. Overview of Criminal Law
Chapter 2. The Constitution and Criminal Law
Chapter 3. The Elements of a Crime
Chapter 4. Parties to Crime and Inchoate Crimes
Chapter 5. Defenses: Factual & Justification
Chapter 6. Defenses: Excuses
Chapter 7. Crimes Against the Person
Chapter 8. Homicide
Chapter 9. Crimes Against Property
Chapter 10. Commercial and Cybercrime
Chapter 11. Crimes That Involve the Public Good
Chapter 12. Crimes Against the People


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Key features

Features and Benefits

  • Non-traditional headings, contemporary examples, and hypothetical situations throughout each chapter, all designed to engage the reader and provide opportunity for application of the content
  • A conversational narrative aimed for undergraduate students, designed to talk to them rather than down to them
  • Chapter-opening crime stories to illustrate issues in criminal law which are discusses within the chapter
  • “Digging Deeper" case excerpts in each chapter which supplement the narrative and enhance the reader's understanding of the fundamentals
  • Questions and problems presented throughout each chapter in order to prompt critical thinking and provide discussion points
  • Graphics, data tables, and photos to enhance the reading and illustrate key points within each chapter
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