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Women in Management

Women in Management
Trends, Issues, and Challenges in Managerial Diversity

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March 1993 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Presents a comprehensive survey of current research on women in management in the United States, and demonstrates the multiplicity of theoretical approaches being adopted in the study of women managers." --Work, Employment & Society "This book makes a substantial contribution to both academic and practitioner audiences. Its 11 chapters and accompanying commentaries present a compendium of strong scholarly works that apply critical analysis to diverse aspects of women in management. . . . Women in Management ambitiously addresses a wide range of subject matter and represents an advance in management as it links together many related but distinct gender issues. . . . One of the contributions of this work is its conceptual clarity and ability to help us organize our thoughts with regard to this complex and many-faceted subject. . . . The relevance of the topics explored are unquestionable. . . . The research is thorough and the emphasis on theory extensive. And, finally, clear direction is given for future work that would build on what is known today. The book provides multiple perspectives from a number of disciplines that further support and refine what is known in this field. . . . It provides a compelling and highly essential synthesis of many of the very real problems and concerns facing our clients and their organizations today." --OD Practitioner "This book provides readers with considerable material; there is so much research presented in it that, at first, it is tough to absorb. And yet, absorb is exactly what one must do to begin to grasp its serious implications. . . . This book presents a varied and comprehensive study of women in management. Its cross-cultural, interdisciplinary approach is refreshing and powerful. I highly recommend this book to academicians, scholars, and practitioners. Regardless of which audience finds this book, each individual will come away with his or her own impressions of the future status of managerial women. Whether those impressions suggest a favorable or disfavorable future for women in management, they will be strong; I cannot imagine anyone who would be left unmoved. Apathy is an impossible response to reading this book." --Academy of Management Executive "This volume contributes to the ongoing analysis of the interface between women's career aspirations and societal and organizational norms, assumptions and values." --Choice "Presents a lively, timely, and wide-ranging discussion of recent debates and conundrums about women in management. Includes historical and cross-national information as well as up-to-date reviews of legal, psychological, and socio-economic issues." --Myra H. Strober, Labor Economist, Stanford University "A useful and thorough compendium of research results and theorizing about women managers. Takes a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach, and deals with the psychological, social, ideological, and legal ramifications of the issues facing women in management." --Lotte Bailyn, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology "One of the most dramatic and significant labor market developments in recent years has been the entry of large numbers of women into managerial positions. Yet women remain clustered in entry and, to a lesser extent, middle management positions and constitute just a small minority of those at the upper ranks. This book brings together the work of leading scholars from a variety of disciplines to examine these and other issues relating to women in management. The contributors present a comprehensive summary and a valuable critique of the current state of our knowledge and highlight important directions for future research. This is an important book and should find a wide readership among both scholars and practitioners." --Francine D. Blau, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign "World Families. . . . is the first collection of qualitative studies to analyze the relationship between television and family life across Western and non-Western cultures. --Canadian Journal of Communication While women's numbers in the management profession are on the rise, women are still largely clustered in lower, and to a lesser extent middle-level management positions. They have yet to make their mark in significant numbers in upper management levels, currently representing only 5% of senior executives. Much attention has been given to women's struggle to crack through the proverbial "glass ceiling" and assume positions in the upper echelons of organizations. Yet, few significant inroads have been made. Women in Management traces women managers' experiences using a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary analysis. A group of top scholars and researchers begins by examining historical and global perspectives; continues with individual and organizational issues such as ethnicity, health, and personal and family lifestyles; and concludes by exploring future trends in the issues of job discrimination, legal realities and remedies, and the restructuring of organizations from a feminist perspective. Each section concludes with a commentary from a leading authority who assesses and brings additional insight to that section. By presenting--and offering possible solutions to--the continuing challenges with which women managers must deal, this up-to-date volume will be welcomed by researchers and scholars in women's and gender studies and management, as well as professionals and policymakers.

Ellen A Fagenson
Diversity in Management
Introduction and the Importance of Women in Management

Sara Alpern
In the Beginning
A History of Women in Management

Ariane Berthoin Antal and Dafna N Izraeli
A Global Comparison of Women in Management
Women Managers in Their Homelands and as Expatriates

Jennie Farley
Ella L Bell, Toni C Denton and Stella Nkomo
Women of Color in Management
Toward an Inclusive Analysis

Lynn R Offermann and Michele A Armitage
Stress and the Woman Manager
Sources, Health Outcomes, and Interventions

Lisa A Mainiero
Dangerous Liaisons
A Review of Current Issues Concerning Male and Female Romantic Relationships in the Workplace

Saroj Parasuraman and Jeffrey H Greenhaus
Personal Portrait
The Life-Style of the Woman Manager

Mary Anne Devanna
Gregory B Northcraft and Barbara A Gutek
Discrimination Against Women in Management - Going, Going, Gone or Going But Never Gone?

Barbara A Lee
The Legal and Political Realities for Women Managers
The Barriers, the Opportunities and the Horizon Ahead

Patricia Yancey Martin
Feminist Practice in Organizations
Implications for Management

Heidi Hartmann
Ellen A Fagenson and Janice J Jackson
Final Commentary
Key features
This book traces the experiences of women managers using a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary analysis. Top scholars and researchers begin by examining historical and global perspectives, continue with individual and organizational issues such as ethnicity, health, and personal and family lifestyles, and conclude by exploring future trends in the issues of job discrimination and the restructuring of organizations from a feminist perspective. Each section concludes with a commentary from a leading authority.

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ISBN: 9780803945920