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Nursing Negligence

Nursing Negligence
Analyzing Malpractice in the Hospital Setting

March 1996 | 282 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The first comprehensive volume to describe the origin of nursing malpractice and the morbidity and mortality associated with it, Nursing Negligence examines the legal aspects of malpractice and presents an overview of common nursing malpractice. This sophisticated volume answers frequently asked questions by defining nursing malpractice and by demonstrating how it can be identified and prevented. Author Janet Pitts Beckmann explores malpractice issues in a wide variety of settings including the emergency room, psychiatric unit, medical unit, operating room, recovery room, surgical unit, pediatric unit, labor room, delivery room, and the newborn nursery. Using the quantitative and qualitative scholarly approach, this informative volume presents research findings from actual malpractice cases in a clear and approachable manner. Additionally, Beckmann addresses common adverse nursing care outcomes, characteristics of patients experiencing negative outcomes, nursing care problems, frequent departures from the standard of nursing care that cause injury and death, mechanisms of injury, costs associated with malpractice, and risk prevention strategies. Finally, common preventable nursing care problems are discussed, and strategies to improve care are developed. An honest, straightforward examination of a serious nursing problem, Nursing Negligence is essential reading for all practicing nurses and nurse administrators and an indispensable text for nursing courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. "This is a more scholarly approach than is usually used in nursing textbooks. Nursing outcomes are of increasing importance, and using research findings to plan nursing interventions is important." --Ann Marriner-Tomey, R.N., Ph.D., F.A.A.N., Indiana State University

Legal Aspects of Malpractice
Nursing Malpractice in the Hospital Setting
Nursing Malpractice in the Emergency Department
Nursing Malpractice in the Psychiatric Setting
Nursing Malpractice in the Medical Unit Setting
Nursing Malpractice in the Operating Room
Nursing Malpractice in the Recovery Room
Nursing Malpractice in the Surgical Unit Setting
Nursing Malpractice in the Pediatric Setting
Nursing Malpractice in the Labor Room
Nursing Malpractice in the Delivery Room
Nursing Malpractice in the Newborn Nursery
Risk Management Strategies

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