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Nursing Supervision

Nursing Supervision
A Guide for Clinical Practice

December 1999 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Addressing the practicalities of clinical supervision, this informative book follows the course of the supervision process, illustrating each stage with an absorbing blend of information, opinion, academic theory, anecdotal material, serious comment and thought-provoking exercises. Emphasis is placed on the purpose and value of clinical supervision, but also on the potential pitfalls those involved may encounter, and how they can be avoided. A number of theories and models are discussed with reference to each stage of supervision, providing a thought-provoking basis for the practical issues raised. Written in a lively and engaging style, this book will enable both supervisors and supervises to get the best they can from the supervisory experience.

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Nurses and Supervision - Myths, Trouble and Misconceptions
What Is the Point of Clinical Supervision?
The Question(s) of Clinical Supervision
Communicating in Clinical Supervision
The First Supervision Session - and Getting Beyond It!
Finding a Solution by Knowing How To Look for the Problem!
The Middle Phase of Supervision - Power, Persecution and Game-Playing
Moving On - Groupwork and Endings in Clinical Supervision

`Written from a personal perspective and has a subtle blend of practical suggestions accompanied by some insightful anecdotes. It is aimed at all nurses who are engaged as supervisors or as supervisees and unsurprisingly has a strong element of mental health to it.... Stephen Power has a very convincing style that gets the message across.... There is a strong sense that this author knows his topic well with each chapter providing an in-depth understanding of the nature of human interaction in supervision settings. No punches are pulled as the subtleties of game-playing are teased out to highlight the negative strategies that can lead to poor supervision.... Throughout the book the personal is wrapped up in the professional and gives it a flavour of theory borne out of many years of practice. This book provides a thorough explication of the inner dynamics of clinical supervision and it will certainly be a big help for those engaged in, or wishing to set up, clinical supervision. As a guide for clinical practice the book works well and for those wishing for a practical guide it is a must' - Mental Health Care

`This book is a welcome, original addition to the nursing literature. Its overall scheme, practical content and the author's lively, engaging style should certainly deliver on the author's key intention to "encourage" thinking about clinical supervision, its virtues, its pitfalls and its practice' - Nursing Ethics

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