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One Little Finger

One Little Finger

First Edition
Critical Acclaim

January 2019 | 228 pages | SAGE India

One Little Finger is the autobiography of Malini Chib—a woman who defied all odds to emerge victorious in spite of a crippling disability and an indifferent society; who dragged herself out of the limits of her condition. This is the story of Malini's search for independence and identity, and her zeal to live a full, meaningful life despite lifelong disability.

Malini has Cerebral Palsy, a neurological condition similar to adult stroke, which makes body movement and speech extremely difficult. However, the cognitive functions of brain can often remain unimpaired, as in the case of Malini. She recounts her experiences from childhood to adulthood, her struggles with motor skills and speech, managing day-to-day activities, and the apathy and indifference of people towards her and others who are disabled. She educates herself, learns to type with her little finger and speak through the Lightwriter. Finally, she works through unfavorable social systems and attitudes to get a career as an event manager.

As life becomes a tear and a smile for her, Malini tells us the story of her heroic battle against adversity, prejudice, stigmas, stereotypes, of her will to succeed and her search for an identity in a contrary world. And in the process of self-realization, she becomes a beacon of hope for everyone.

Proving the Doctors Wrong
Birth of a Movement
The End of the Beginning
A Family with No Bounds?
Boarding School Life-Ugh
Why Do You Want to Do the BA?
Introduction to Port Wine: Goa with Nicky
Entre-vous to Adulthood
Oxford: A Love Affair
Moving again to London
A Bold French Holiday
Empowerment in Academia
Living on One's Own
What? A Second Masters' - Unbelievable!
I Get Employed!

The language is simple and there is no attempt to resort to euphemisms. There is never a dull moment…Highly recommended reading and instructive too.

Freedom First

There is a frank openness in a Bildungsroman that endears any reader to the central character - Malini has caught that pat on… She confides in the reader every little secret, every emotion, success, frustration, and humiliation…. Malini`s enthusiasm and joie de vivre is mighty infectious, and that makes One Little Finger the book for a dark day. Its child-like fist pumping will pick you up and convince you that triumph is just one little finger away.

The Hindu

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ISBN: 9788132106326

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