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Operations Management

Operations Management

Three Volume Set
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July 2006 | 1 066 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Operations Management (OM) represents a dynamic and significant field of scholarly research and writing. Changes in the business environment over the last fifteen years has driven rapid developments in OM practice so that the production of goods and provision of services are now more market focused rather than technology led.

This collection defines the nature and meaning of Operations Management. It draws together leading edge papers that reveal the state of Operations Management today and classic articles that chart the development of practice to the present.

These three volumes assemble the work of internationally renowned scholars and look at the following key areas

Volume 1
Operations management concepts and strategy

Volume 2
The design of operations systems

Volume 3
Operations planning and control

Volumes 4-6 of this important new major work will be publishing in September 2006.




Roger Schmenner and Morgan Swink
On Theory in Operations Management
Jack Meredith
Building Operations Management Theory through Case and Field Research
Kim Clark
Competing through Manufacturing and the New Manufacturing Paradigm
Is Manufacturing Strategy Pass[ac]e?

Robert Hayes and Gary Pisano
Manufacturing Strategy
At the Intersection of Two Paradigm Shifts

Bernard La Londe and James Masters
Emerging Logistics Strategies
Blueprints for the Next Century

Robert Klassen
Exploring the Linkage between Investment in Manufacturing and Environmental Technologies
St[ac]ephane Gagnon
Resource-Based Competition and the New Operations Strategy
Robert Johnston
Service Operations Management
Return to Roots

Robert Kaplan and David Norton
The Balanced Scorecard
Measures That Drive Performance

P T Bolwijn and T Kumpe
Manufacturing in the 1990s - Productivity, Flexibility and Innovation
Kathleen Eisenhardt and Shona Brown
Time Pacing
Competing in Markets That Won't Stand Still

Suresh Kotha
Mass Customization
Implementing the Emerging Paradigm for Competitive Advantage

Emilio Bartezzaghi
The Evolution of Production Models
Is a New Paradigm Emerging?

W L Berry, T Hill and J E Klompmaker
Aligning Marketing and Manufacturing Strategies with the Market
Wickham Skinner
The Focused Factory
Lawrence Casalino, Kelly Devers and Linda Brewster
Focused Factories? Physician-Owned Specialty Facilities
John Mapes, Colin New and Marek Szwejczewski
Performance Trade-offs in Manufacturing Plants
John Ettlie
Integrated Design and New Product Success
Paul Adler et al
From Project to Process Management
An Empirically-Based Framework for Analyzing Product Development Time

Terry Hill
The Operations Process - Choice and Trade-offs
Deborah Kellogg and Winter Nie
A Framework for Strategic Service Management
Ann Majchrzak and Qianwei Wang
Breaking the Functional Mindset in Process Organizations
Arthur Hill et al
Research Opportunities in Service Process Design
J Richard Hackman and Ruth Wageman
Total Quality Management
Empirical, Conceptual and Practical Issues

Danny Samson and Mile Terziovski
The Relationship between Total Quality Management Practices and Operational Performance
A DeToni and S Tonchia
Manufacturing Flexibility
A Literature Review

Roberto Marx, Mauro Zilbovicius and Mario Sergio Salerno
The Modular Consortium in a New VW Truck Plant in Brazil
New Forms of Assembler and Supplier Relationship

Vicki Smith
New Forms of Work Organization
Jos Benders, Fred Huijgen and Ulrich Pekruhl
Measuring Group Work
Findings and Lessons from a European Survey

Henrik Almgren
Start-up of Advanced Manufacturing Systems - A Case Study
Ram Rachamadugu and J G Shanthikumar
Layout Considerations in Assembly Line Design
Masao Nakamura, Sadao Sakakibara and Roger Schroeder
Adoption of Just-in-Time Manufacturing Methods at U S and Japanese-Owned Plants
Some Empirical Evidence

Meir Rosenblatt
The Dynamics of Plant Layout
Karel Williams et al
Against Lean Production
A Gunasekaran and Y Y Yusuf
Agile Manufacturing
A Taxonomy of Strategic and Technological Imperatives

Paul Rogers and Rosalee Gordon
Simulation for Real-Time Decision-Making in Manufacturing Systems
Averill Law and Michael McComas
Simulation of Manufacturing Systems
Adam Brunet and Steve New
Kaizen in Japan
An Empirical Study

Daniel Krause, Robert Handfield and Thomas Scannell
An Empirical Investigation of Supplier Development
Reactive and Strategic Processes

Benita Beamon
Supply Chain Design and Analysis
Models and Methods

Tom Davis
Effective Supply Chain Management
Gregory Stock, Noel Greis and John Kasarda
Logistics, Strategy and Structure
A Conceptual Framework

Hau Lee, V Padmanabhan and Seungjin Whang
Information Distortion in a Supply Chain
The Bullwhip Effect

Remko van Hoek and Harm Weken
The Impact of Modular Production on the Dynamics of Supply Chains
J Scott Armstrong
Forecasting by Extrapolation
Conclusions from 25 Years of Research

Johanna Smaros et al
The Impact of Increasing Demand Visibility on Production and Inventory Control Efficiency
Mahesh Gupta and Dana Zhender
Outsourcing and Its Impact on Operations Strategy
L E C[ac]anez, K W Platts and D R Probert
Developing a Framework for Make-or-Buy Decisions
Laura Swanson
The Impact of New Production Technologies on the Maintenance Function
An Empirical Study

Alberto Petroni
Critical Factors of MRP Implementation in Small and Medium-Sized Firms
Aaron Shenhar and Dov Dvir
Toward a Typological Theory of Project Management
Ebru Demirkol, Sanjay Mehta and Reha Uzsoy
Benchmarks for Shop Scheduling Problems
L A Tavasszy, C J Ruijgrok and M J P M Thissen
Emerging Global Logistics Networks
Implications for Transport Systems and Policies

Geoff Buxey
A Managerial Perspective on Aggregate Planning
G Schmidt and Wilbert Wilhelm
Strategic, Tactical and Operational Decisions in Multi-National Logistics Networks
A Review and Discussion of Modelling Issues

William Woodall
Controversies and Contradictions in Statistical Processes Control
Josephine Yong and Adrian Wilkinson
The Long and Winding Road
The Evolution of Quality Management


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