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Ophthalmology @ Point of Care

Ophthalmology @ Point of Care

Dr Giuseppe Querques University Vita Salute - IRCCS Ospendale San Raffaele, Italy

eISSN: 23993685 | ISSN: 23993685
Ophthalmology @ Point of Care was previously published by Wichtig Publishing. Following the acquisition of Wichtig Publishing by SAGE in January 2018 the title is no longer accepting new submissions. Inquiries can be directed to Dr. Giuseppe Querques at and any updates on future publication will continue to be made to this page.

Ophthalmology @ Point of Care (O@PoC) is an international peer reviewed open access journal aiming to bridge the gap between science research and clinical practice as implemented in different regions of the world, with the ultimate aim to help ophthalmologists to improve patient care. The Journal is designed with a specific focus on the effectiveness (in real-world applications) rather than the efficacy (in studies) of the multiple possible interventions.