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Oral Narrative Research with Black Women

Oral Narrative Research with Black Women
Collecting Treasures

June 1997 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book consists of essays on methodological issues by Africana (African and African American) women scholars who have successfully employed oral narrative methods in their research. Some themes covered in these essays are the strengths of oral narrative research for expanding and transforming knowledge about black women and how these scholars learned to conduct oral narrative research; descriptions of the types of narratives they have gathered, the difficulties they have encountered and how these were overcome; and the ethical dilemmas faced while undertaking their research endeavors. What makes this book a valuable teaching tool are the pedagogical suggestions and research artifacts contained within. Contributors have described one or two activities that may assist instructorÆs efforts to teach oral narrative methodologies. Methodological essays about the phenomenological and empirical aspects of carrying out oral narrative research from an Afrafeminist/womanist standpoint are rare and book-length works are almost nonexistent. Oral Narrative Research with black women participates in the growing movement of Afrafeminist/womanist scholarship that fills this void. This is an insightful, thought-provoking resource for researchers, students, and scholars interested in conducting qualitative research or who want to include black women in their research.

Kim Marie Vaz
Oral Narrative Research with Black Women

PART ONE: Ancestor Mothers
Martia Graham Goodson
Ophelia and Me
Tribute to an Early Narrative Researcher

Joycelyn Moody
Professions of Faith
A Teacher Reflects on Women, Race, Church, and Spirit

Christine Obbo
What Do Women Know?...As I was saying!
Arlene Hambrick
You Haven't Seen Anything Until You Make a Black Woman Mad
Georgia W Brown
Oral History
Louisiana Black Women's Memoirs

Renee T White
Talking about Sex and HIV
Conceptualizing a New Sociology of Experience

Jacqueline A Walcott-McQuigg
Methodological Issues in Triangulation
Measuring Weight Control Behavior of African American Women

Claudia J Gollop
Where Have all the Nice Old Ladies Gone?
Researching the Health Information-Seeking Behavior of Older African American Women

Elizabeth A Peterson
African American Women and the Emergence of Self-Will
A Report on the Use of Phenomenological Research

Diane D Turner
Reconstructing the History of Musicians' Protective Union Local 274 through Oral Narrative Method
Patricia Green-Powell
Methodological Considerations in Field Research
Six Case Studies

Kim Marie Vaz
Social Conformity and Social Resistance
Women's Perspectives on `Women's Place'

Leslie Ann Kingman
European American and African American Men and Women's Valuations of Feminist and Natural Science Methods in Psychology

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