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Organization and Management Problem Solving

Organization and Management Problem Solving
A Systems and Consulting Approach

November 2001 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Based on a broad range of case studies, Organization and Management Problem Solving is an insightful text designed to improve the application of organization theory and systems thinking in teaching and practice. This book illustrates the five key themes in the nature of organization and management—technical, structural, psychosocial, managerial, and cultural—through the analysis of measured incidents tested by students.

A clear theoretical framework supports the case studies, allowing the text to have practical relevance to contemporary settings and to be recognized as a model for describing, analyzing, and responding to organization and management problems. The model integrates the thinking of many writers on organization and problem solving including Ackoff, Blake, and Mouton; Schein, Kast, and Rosenweign; and Mitroff and Lippitt. The approach eliminates causal conditions and emphasizes responsive problem solving. Theory is applied and expanded as needed to a broader social context, engaging the reader in a thorough understanding of the nature and development of organization theory and problem solving.

This book is relevant to consultants, academics, and professional managers in a number of settings (academic, military, business organizations, and research institutes) and disciplines (including development and change, management, human resources, social psychology, communication, sociology, and psychology).


1. Organizational Systems Thinking & Problem Solving
2. Solving Technical Problems
3. Solving Structural Problems
4. Solving Psychosocial System Problems
5. Solving Managerial System Problems
6. Solving Cultural System Problems
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