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Organizational Aspects of Health Communication Campaigns

Organizational Aspects of Health Communication Campaigns
What Works?

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June 1993 | 250 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"This resource is an excellent overview of six health communication campaigns emphasizing insights gained and recommendations from actual experiences. . . . A total of 17 specialists with an impressive diversity of backgrounds and expertise (i.e., campaign experts, management, scientists, etc.) have contributed to this book--one that is loaded with invaluable lessons and insights for future health communications campaigns. . . . The bottom line: If you or your organization is (or will become involved) in such campaigns, this is a book worth reading. It is of interest and value to scholars, students, and professionals across a diversity of fields ranging from media studies and health education, to community policy and social work." --American Journal of Health Promotion "This is useful for its real-life examples." --Communication Booknotes With the steady rise in drug abuse, AIDS, and heart disease, those who devise health communication campaigns have been forced to become more aggressive and efficient in their agendas to promote health and prevent disease. This unique volume investigates the organizational dimensions of health campaigns, bringing together campaign experts and leading management scientists. How do organizations--universities, television and radio networks, advertising agencies, voluntary groups, advocacy and community organizations, and federal agencies--collaborate to make a campaign successful? How do organizational dynamics or structures influence campaign outcomes? Six case studies of some of the most visible campaigns in the last 20 years detail the history, development, operation, and evolution of health communication campaigns. Each case is followed by a commentary from a management expert. Readers will learn to better inspire, design, implement, and evaluate campaigns in various health areas by considering organizational factors. This extensive and accessible volume will be of interest to scholars, students, and professionals in media studies, public opinion, public health, community policy, health education, policy issues, and social work.

Thomas E Backer and Ginna Marston
Partnership for a Drug-Free America
An Experiment in Social Marketing

Robert T Golembiewski
Mary Ann Pentz and Thomas W Valente
Project STAR
A Substance-Abuse Prevention Campaign in Kansas City

Leonard D Goodstein
D Lawrence Kincaid et al
Turkey's Mass Media Family Planning Campaign
David Krackhardt
June A Flora with Darius Jatilus et al
The Stanford Five-City Heart Disease Prevention Project
Peter B Vaill
Everett M Rogers
Diffusion and Re-Invention of Project DARE
Mark Kiefaber
Kathryn C Montgomery
The Harvard Alcohol Project
Promoting the Designated Driver on Television

Jean M Bartunek

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ISBN: 9780803949980