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Organizational Diagnosis and Assessment

Organizational Diagnosis and Assessment
Bridging Theory and Practice

July 1998 | 496 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Organizational Diagnosis and Assessment presents sharp-image diagnosis, a distinctive approach to organizational consultation and planned change, that reflects current research and theorizing about organizational change and effectiveness. The authors draw on multiple analytical frames to produce empirically grounded models of sources of ineffectiveness and forces for change, showing how consultants, managers, and applied researchers can break free of unproductive practices and ways of thinking to avoid uncritical adoption of management fads. They offer workable solutions to critical problems and demonstrate ways to meet organizational challenges like market downturns, technological change, and alliances with other organizations. Organizational Diagnosis and Assessment covers diagnosis and assessment of work groups, organizations, and whole systems. This volume develops analytical approaches for problem solving and strategy formation in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Diagnosis of public policy issues, like assessments of the effectiveness of health systems, is also addressed. Many of the models and techniques contribute to assessing the changing nature of the workplace, examining organizational decline and other life-cycle transitions; gendering; change and diversity in organizational culture and in workforce composition; the spread of new forms of work organization, including teams, flat hierarchies, and networks; new uses of information technology; and mergers and alliances among organizations.

Organizational Diagnosis and Assessment will be invaluable to advanced students, consultants, and applied behavioral scientists in social sciences, management, social work, organizational and industrial psychology, organizational sociology, nursing, and public administration.

Frames and Models in Organizational Diagnosis
Applying the Open-Systems Frame
Assessing Effectiveness and Ineffectiveness
Diagnostic Models in Use
Diagnosing Organizational Politics
Group Performance
Organization Design
Human Resource Management
Emergent Behavior and Workforce Diversity
Organizational Culture
Diagnosis across the Organizational Life Cycle
Labor Relations
Strategy Formation and Organizational Learning
Diagnosing Macro Systems
Applying Multiple Theoretical Frames

"This book presents sharp-image diagnosis, a distinctive approach to consultation and planned changes that reflects current research in organizational change and effectiveness." 

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