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Organizational Dimensions of Global Change

Organizational Dimensions of Global Change
No Limits to Cooperation

Edited by:
  • David Cooperrider - Case Western Reserve University, USA
  • Jane Dutton - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, University of Michigan Business School, USA, University of Michigan, USA

April 1999 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Organizational Dimensions of Global Change is the first book in a new series designed to facilitate, across discipline and national boundaries, an emergent dialogue around the issue of global change and cooperative potential. Written by an interdisciplinary group of leading scholars, the book explores how organizational scholarship and thinking can inform an understanding of global change issues and examines the potential of cooperation as a practice, an organizing accomplishment, and as a value for understanding issues of global change. It opens up conversations and research paths and addresses basic questions such as: What do we mean by global change research? What can organizational scholarship contribute to understanding the human dimensions of global change? If we were to offer a priority agenda for research and inquiry, what questions would we be asking and what kinds of research would have a high probability of making a large contribution to knowledge as well as a timely relevance for action? Topics discussed include global women leaders, corporations as agents of global change, international networking, the development of global environmental regimes, and collaborative knowledge creation. Organizational Dimensions of Global Change is an essential resource for students and scholars in the fields of organization and management science, policy studies, international relations and development studies, earth systems science, as well as the disciplines of sociology, economics, anthropology, political science, and psychology.

David L Cooperrider and Jane E Dutton
No Limits to Cooperation
An Introduction to the Organization Dimensions of Global Change

Karl E Weick
Sensemaking as an Organizational Dimension of Global Change
Kathryn M Kaczmarski and David L Cooperrider
Constructionist Leadership in the Global Relational Age
The Case of the Mountain Forum

Frances Westley
`Not on Our Watch'
The Biodiversity Crisis and Global Collaboration Response

Ramkrishnan V Tenkasi and Susan Albers Mohrman
Global Change as Contextual Collaborative Knowledge Creation
L David Brown and Darcy Ashman
Social Capital, Mutual Influence and Social Learning in Intersectoral Problem-Solving in Africa and Asia
Mayer N Zald
Transnational and International Social Movements in a Globalizing World
Creating Culture, Creating Conflict

Barbara Gray
The Development of Global Environmental Regimes
Organizing in the Absence of Authority

Julie Fisher
International Networking
The Role of Southern NGOs

John D Aram
Constructing and Deconstructing Global Change Organizations
Kenneth J Gergen
Global Organization and the Potential for Ethical Action
Raza A Mir, Marta B Calás and Linda Smircich
Global Technoscapes and Silent Voices
Challenges to Theorizing Global Cooperation

René Bouwen and Chris Steyaert
From a Dominant Voice toward Multivoiced Cooperation
Mediating Metaphors for Global Change

Nancy J Adler
Global Women Leaders
A Dialogue with Future History

Stuart L Hart
Corporations as Agents of Global Sustainability
Beyond Competitive Strategy


". . . a useful survey of the field. It explores the vast terrain of global change and proposes a large variety of concepts that could be applicable to global change organizations. The book provides fertile ground for theorizing and pursuing research. . ."

Mansour Javidan
University of Calgary, Canada

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