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Outcomes of Effective Management Practice

Outcomes of Effective Management Practice

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January 1996 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"This timely collection of writings addresses the need for outcomes assessment in health care delivery in this era of managed care. . . . This excellent book is written at a level appropriate for study by senior students in nursing leadership and management courses; it will be most valuable to graduate students in nursing management courses and for professionals in management roles." --Choice Designed to provoke critical thinking, Outcomes of Effective Management Practice provides a futuristic outlook on the condition of health care's effort to respond to criticisms and demands from health regulatory bodies, payers, and consumers. This volume provides readers with cutting-edge thinking and organizational efforts to define and classify outcomes, test approaches to outcomes management, and apply outcomes-related research into health care practice and management. In the first section, a framework for viewing concepts and issues that link health care outcomes and management practice is provided. Contributors overview and present the systematic evaluation of interventions, issues related to ongoing health care reform and trends toward ambulatory care, and the highly publicized Medical Outcomes Studies. Next, the process of methodological issues is explored as it is associated with outcomes measurement and management. The final section focuses on evaluation of outcomes management in a variety of settings such as neonatal intensive care, long-term care, rehabilitation, and acute care settings. Thought-provoking and innovative, Outcomes of Effective Management Practice is essential reading for health care providers and managers as well as educators and advanced students interested in managing outcomes of effective management practice.

Diane Huber
Kathleen C Kelly
Joanne Comi McCloskey et al
Nursing Management Innovations
A Need for Systematic Evaluation

Meridean L Maas, Marion R Johnson and Vicki Kraus
Sensitive Patient Outcomes Classification

Reni Courtney
Nurses Roles in Primary Care
Providing Leadership for Health Care Reform

Ida M Androwich and Sheila A Haas
Sensitive Patient Outcomes in Ambulatory Care

Cheryl L Ramler et al
Clinical and Administrative Implications for Nurses

Gale A Spencer, Mary S Collins and Elizabeth Parietti
Case Study
Facilitating the Implementation of a Case Management Model

Colleen J Goode et al
Variance Tracking and Analysis
Victoria M Steelman
Successful Strategies for Implementing AHCPR Clinical Practice Guidelines
Jean A Walters
The Impact of a Creative Staffing Schedule on Nursing Practice at an Academic Medical Center
Virginia L Maturen
A Managed Care Methodology for Achieving Cost and Quality Outcomes in Home Health
Alba Mitchell, Janet Pinelli and Doris Southwell
Introduction and Evaluation of an Advanced Nursing Practice Role in Neonatal Intensive Care
Nancy Wells, Gwen Holder and Susie Dengler
Staff Nurse Managed Collaborative Care
Evaluation on a Rehabilitation Unit

Juliann G Sebastian et al
A Comparison of Program Evaluation Methods for Long Term Care of Institutionalized and Noninstitutionalized Elderly
Mary A Blegen and Richard Murphy
Issues in Evaluating the Impact on Cost of Management and Delivery Changes
Cheryl B Stetler, Emily Creer and Judith A Effken
Evaluating a Redesign Program
Challenges and Opportunities


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