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Democracy, Development and Security Issues

First Edition
Edited by:

June 2018 | 304 pages | SAGE India
This collection of essays takes a fresh look at the contentious themes of democracy, development and security in Pakistan today. Arguing that the three are closely interlinked, the editors posit that the political and economic experience of the past 58 years shows that neither democracy nor capitalist development can survive without the other. Using a variety of Pakistani, Indian and Western sources, the distinguished contributors examine the internal and external problems of Pakistan with an eye on the challenges that democracy has encountered in the country.
M P Singh and Veena Kukreja
Mohammad Waseem
Causes of Democratic Downslide in Pakistan
Veena Kukreja
Pakistan since the 1999 Coup: Prospects of Democracy
Saleem M M Qureshi
Pakistan: Islamic Ideology and the Failed State?
Tariq Rahman
Language, Power and Ideology in Pakistan
Ayesha Siddiqa
Pakistan: Political Economy of National Security
Veena Kukreja
Pakistan`s Political Economy: Misplaced Priorities and Economic Uncertainties
Lawrence Zining
Pakistan: Terrorism in Historical Perspective
J N Dixit
Prospects of South Asian Cooperation in the Transformed World-Post 11 September
Satish Kumar
Reassessing Pakistan as a Long-Term Security Threat
Rajen Harsh[ac]e
Cross-Border Terrorism: Roadblock to Peace Initiative
M P Singh and Veena Kukreja
Peace Process between India and Pakistan

"The authors provide a useful summary of recent developments in this volatile country. The book will be of interest primarily to specialists and practictioners."

S. A. Kochanek
Penssylvania State University

Was not relevant to the course content but would recommend as background reading for wider learning

Mr Matthew Hirst
Arts, Business and Social Science, University Campus Suffolk
November 24, 2014