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Partner Violence

Partner Violence
A Comprehensive Review of 20 Years of Research

February 1998 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Since 1974 the abundance of articles and books published on family violence has heightened the awareness of the scope and significance of this problem. Now, a comprehensive interdisciplinary review of this literature synthesizes the past 20 years of accumulated research on partner violence. Summarizing the major findings of vast research on family violence, this book delineates the strengths and limitations of that research and makes practical recommendations for future research and current practice. Issues of prevention, intervention, treatment, and empirically based recommendations for response to partner violence are included. Skillfully edited by Jana L. Jasinski and Linda M. Williams, Partner Violence includes seven chapters written by notable scholars in the family violence field: David Finkelhor, Sherry Hamby, Glenda Kaufman Kantor, Patricia Mahoney, Jean Giles-Sims, Murray A. Straus, Carolyn West, and Janis Wolak. Easily accessible, Partner Violence makes an excellent text choice for family violence courses. This extensive volume covers critical aspects, including chapters on the following topics:

- Marital rape

- The effects of partner violence on children

- Partner violence among same sex couples

- Partner violence in ethnic minority couples

This up-to-date text provides a resource that is essential for students, researchers and practitioners in all fields concerned with family violence.

Murray A Straus
Jana L Jasinski and Linda M Williams et al
Partner Violence
A Comprehensive Review of 20 Years of Research

Glenda Kaufman Kantor and Jana L Jasinski
Characterizing and Assessing Risk in Violent Partner Relationships
Jean Giles-Sims
Social and Psychological Consequences of Partner Violence
Janis Wolak and David Finkelhor
Effects of Partner Violence on Children
Patricia Mahoney and Linda M Williams
Sexual Assault in Marriage
Prevalence, Consequences and Treatment of Wife Rape

Carolyn M West
Leaving a Second Closet
Outing Partner Violence in Same-Sex Couples

Carolyn M West
Lifting the `Political Gag Order'
Breaking the Silence around Partner Violence in Ethnic Minority Families

Sherry L Hamby
Prevention and Intervention of Partner Violence

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ISBN: 9780761913184