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Pathways Core Strategies and Benefits

Pathways Core Strategies
PSDC is built upon 10 evidence-based, core strategies for enhancing change in individuals who engage in problem behaviors (e.g., substance abuse, criminal conduct):

  1. Using motivational enhancements to develop a strong therapeutic alliance
  2. Multidimensional assessment based on convergent validation
  3. Integrating education (knowledge) and treatment within a manual-guided format
  4. Facilitating learning and growth and the stages of change
  5. Utilizing cognitive-behavioral therapy principles and methods
  6. Relapse and recidivism prevention
  7. Focusing on moral responsibility to others and the community
  8. Integrating the therapeutic and correctional
  9. A cohesive group that elicits pro-social attitudes and identity
  10. Reentry and Reintegration into the community

Pathways Benefits for Clients
The primary treatment goals of relapse /recidivism prevention along with meaningful and responsible living, are attained through intense practice of cognitive-behavioral skills designed to:

  • Improve communication
  • Deal with cravings and urges
  • Develop a sense of empathy and personal responsibility to others
  • Overcome prejudice
  • Zero in on negative thinking
  • Manage feelings
  • Develop a sense of personal identity and to understand the importance of intimacy in our lives