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Program Overview, Curriculum, and Delivery

Program Overview 
Pathways to Self-Discovery and Change is an action-oriented, cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) program. It  focuses on the egocentric (addressing individual problems)  and the sociocentric (enhancing moral and social responsibility) areas of change which are two important pathways to positive personal and prosocial adjustment.  It is uniquely designed for at-risk youth, 14 – 18 years of age, including:

  • Youth referred to or court ordered to outpatient treatment services for substance abuse and associated problems
  • Committed youth
  • Youth on probation or in Community Corrections
  • Youth in Social Service placements
  • Youth who have been or at-risk of suspension or expulsion from school

Program Curriculum 
This facilitator-delivered curriculum includes an evidence-based Provider’s Guide and Participant’s Workbook that provide a framework to harness resiliency, motivate self discovery, and promote pro-social change in at-risk youth. Contact our author team to learn more about becoming a Pathways Provider.

Program Delivery
Rationale, objectives, content and program sequence are described for three phases of curriculum delivery in group or individual counseling settings:

  • Phase 1: WHAT – Challenge to Change (10 sessions)
  • Phase 2: HOW – Commitment to Change (10 sessions)
  • Phase 3: NOW – Ownership of Change (12 sessions)

Individualized treatment plans are derived from facilitator-guided multi-dimensional risk and resiliency self-assessment throughout the curriculum and active youth participation in the development and ownership of their individualized treatment plans.