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Become a Pathways Provider

Training to become a qualified provider is available upon request. Qualified providers maintain fidelity to the curriculum and guide clients in successful completion of the program.

With author-led training, you’ll learn:

  • Adolescent development and pathways to juvenile crime and drug abuse
  • Fundamental principles of cognitive-behavioral treatment for juvenile justice clients
  • Comprehensive guidelines for treating female juvenile justice clients
  • Relationships between adolescent brain development, substance abuse and criminal conduct
  • How to address trauma and mental health issues in the context of juvenile justice treatment
  • Methodology for engaging clients in developing their individualized plan for change
  • Strategies for addressing gang affiliations
  • Techniques for developing a support network upon community re-entry
  • Model for initial and differential assessment to develop treatment plan and evaluate progress and change

Specific qualifications, such as education, certification or licensure status, and experience for the delivery of substance abuse and criminal conduct treatment are determined and regulated by individual state, county, and judicial jurisdictions. PSDC is considered to be a substance abuse and criminal conduct treatment program.