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“Milkman and Wanberg’s program rests upon the best that science has to offer. Once this workbook stimulates change, it pays attention to the principles of relapse prevention that will help young people stay changed—and this is the litmus test for any treatment program that targets behavioral problems.” 
Howard J. ShafferPhD, CAS, Director & Associate Professor, Division on Addictions, Harvard Medical School Psychology of Addictive Behaviors

“This is the most comprehensive program for youth to date.” 
Staff, Lamed Juvenile Correctional Facility, Substance Abuse Dept.

“Pathways to Self-Discovery and Change is the most comprehensive and thoughtful program we have seen to help at-risk youth gain freedom from crime and drugs and develop attitudes and skills to lead productive prosocial lives.” 
Dr. G. Alan Marlatt, PhD and George A. Parks, PhDAddictive Behaviors Research Center, University of Washington

“The curriculum is the best I have seen for juvenile offenders because it incorporates the major theories for offending and provides easy to use techniques to avoid, cope and manage substance abuse and criminal conduct.” 
Jennifer PealerAssistant Commissioner, Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority

“It is a comprehensive and informative review of the stages of change that manages the nearly impossible task of keeping the adolescent reader engaged.” 
Rose BarcellanoMSW, CADCI, Morrison Child and Family Services

“This exceptional and widely needed program shows great promise as a developmentally appropriate treatment model for adolescents who manifest co-occurring disturbances with substance abuse and criminal activity. It is uniquely designed to interest and engage high-risk teenagers in a thoughtful array of cognitive-behavioral restructuring exercises that are geared to promote fulfilling and responsible life choices.” 
Lloyd I. Sederer, MD, Formerly Director of Clinical Services American Psychiatric Association, Medical Director McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School

“Both the Provider’s Guide and Workbook provide a hugely valuable framework to effectively treating substance involved adolescents with delinquency issues.” 
Lilas-Rajaee-MooreDenver Juvenile TASC