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Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies

Fifth Edition

September 2021 | 740 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

PART I: The Promise of Peace, the Problems of War
CHAPTER 1: The Meanings of Peace
CHAPTER 2: Peace Studies, Peace Education, and Peace Research
CHAPTER 3: The Meaning of War
CHAPTER 4: Terrorism and Counterterrorism
CHAPTER 5: Nuclear Weapons
PART II: The Causes of Wars
CHAPTER 6: The Individual Level
CHAPTER 7: The Group Level
CHAPTER 8: The State Level
CHAPTER 9: The Decision-Making Level
CHAPTER 10: The Ideological, Social, and Economic Levels
PART III: Building “Negative Peace”
CHAPTER 11: Peace Movements
CHAPTER 12: Diplomacy, Negotiations, and Conflict Resolution
CHAPTER 13: Disarmament and Arms Control
CHAPTER 14: International Cooperation
CHAPTER 15: Peace Through Strength?
CHAPTER 16: International Law
CHAPTER 17: Ethical and Religious Perspectives
PART IV: Building Positive Peace
CHAPTER 18: Human Rights
CHAPTER 19: Environmental Well-Being
CHAPTER 21: Economic Well-Being
CHAPTER 22: Democracy
CHAPTER 23: National Reconciliation
CHAPTER 24: Nonviolence
CHAPTER 25: The Coronavirus Pandemic
CHAPTER 26: The Personal and the Political
Key features

  • Significantly expanded content on global terrorism, a topic of high interest in today’s current events, includes a new section on ISIS, as well as new scholarly references and data from the most recent Global Terrorism Index.
  • New material on key topics in world affairs today bring students up-to-date on income inequality, social justice, the current and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and global peace and nonviolence.
  • Coverage of recent developments in environmental politics and nuclear proliferation includes efforts to combat global climate change and the Iran nuclear agreement.
  • Updated coverage of cutting-edge military technologies includes discussions of nanotechnological devices, drones, robots and “terminator”-like weapons, space technologies, biological and chemical weapons, and current developments in cyberwarfare.
  • Updated chapters on Peace and Conflict Studies, Global Climate Change and the New Democracy Movements broaden the scope of the book.


  • An insightful combination of theoretical and historical insights with attention to significant recent events provides students with a solid grounding in peace and conflict sudies.
  • Authoritative coverage of the important aspects of positive peace, individual violence, nationalism, and terrorism introduces readers to the key issues in the field.
  • Built-in learning aids, including numerous photos and visual aids, questions for further study, and suggested readings, help readers master key concepts.
  • A comprehensive range of material enlightens and enriches future discussion and encourages further academic pursuit.

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