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Peace Processes and Peace Accords

Peace Processes and Peace Accords

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This volume, as part of the South Asian Peace Studies series, looks at peace as a process. It makes a three-fold inquiry into the political dimensions of peace - the process of peace, the contentious issues involved in the peace process, and the ideologies that are in conflict in this process. The essays collectively show that the sustainability of peace depends crucially on a foundation of rights, justice and democracy.
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Introduction Shibashis Chatterjee
The Politics of Understanding Ranabir Samaddar
Territory as the Kernel of the Nation: Space, Time, and Nationalism in Israel/Palestine Oren Yiftachel
Anthropology of Reconciliation: A Case for Legal Pluralism Pradip Kumar Bose
Introduction Paula Banerjee
Nobody's Communique: Ethnic Accords in Northeast India Samir Kumar Das
Kashmir at the Crossroads: Problems and Possibilities Sumantra Bose
Armed Conflict in Andhra Pradesh and the Search of Democratic Space Committee of Concerned Citizens
The Peace Process in Sri Lanka: From Confrontation to Accommodation Jehan Perera
Introduction Parimal Ghosh
The Accord that Never Was: Shillong Accord, 1975 Subir Bhaumik
Gendered Nation, Gendered Peace: A Study of Bangladesh Amena Mohsin
Improving India-Pakistan Relations Mubashir Hasan
The Mahakali Impasse and Indo-Nepal Water Conflict Dipak Gyawali and Ajaya Dixit
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