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Join SAGE for Peer Review Week 2017!

SAGE is an organizing member of the 2017 Peer Review Week committee. As a key partner of SAGE, we invite you to get involved!


Take part in the global Twitter Poll. Each week a poll question around transparency in peer review is being released on twitter and respondents are being asked to vote on their opinions. At the end of Peer Review Week, the responses will be collated and an ‘unofficial’ survey response report will be distributed across the relevant organizing committee blogs. Look out for the Peer Review Week hashtag to follow the questions.

If you are at the Peer Review Congress (10-12
th September) you can attend the SAGE supported panel debate.

Plug into SAGE Connection

Visit SAGE Connection for the below topics. We also welcome your involvement via retweeting or leaving your comments.

SAGE is also the corporate sponsor for the Sentinel awards which we will be supporting across social media and with a blog post on SAGE Connection and Social Science Space during the week. SAGE’s Tessa Picknett is a member of the judging panel.


Please engage with content that you see across social media. 


Event Hashtags:
#peerrevwk17 (main hashtag)
#peerreview (subsidiary)