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Soviet Domestic and Foreign Policies

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May 1990 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Perestroika. Next to glasnost, no other term evokes as much excitement, conjecture, and concern in discussions on the Soviet Union. And, as perestroika moves forward, more questions will surface as to its effects, both internal and external, on the Soviet Union. How has Soviet society adjusted to changes brought about by perestroika? What impact has perestroika had on Soviet domestic and foreign policies? This provocative, timely volume examines the major dimensions of perestroika that have a direct bearing on the close and complex interaction between Soviet domestic and foreign policy. Assessing the revolutionary changes now taking place in the Soviet Union, the contributors focus on the roots, scope, depth, and dynamics of change. Topics addressed include perestroika and the Soviet military, de-Stalinization, the impact of perestroika on Soviet Asian and European policy, and Soviet resource options, to name but a few. Written in an accessible style with contributions by noted specialists on the Soviet Union, Perestroika will interest scholars and students in political science, international affairs, comparative politics, and history. "The book which comes closest to recognizing the extent of the problem (the disintegrative tendencies unleashed by the reform process) is Perestroika: Soviet Domestic and Foreign Policies. Each chapter elaborates skillfully the connectedness of Soviet domestic and foreign policy. The book has the virtue of recognizing that perestroika has had unintended consequences. . . ." --Living Marxism

Alex Pravda
Linkages between Domestic and Foreign Policy under Gorbachev /

Tsuyoshi Hasewaga
Perestroika in Historical Perspectives /
Archie Brown
Perestroika and the Political System /
Nobuo Shimotomai
Perestroika, Glasnot and Society /
Philip Hanson Gorbachev's Economic Policy After Four Years /Toru Saga
The Soviet Union
A Player in the World Economy? /

Julian Cooper
Soviet Resource Options
Civil and Military Priorities /

Naomi Koizumi
Perestroika in the Soviet Military /
Neil Malcolm
De-Stalinization and Soviet Foreign Policy
The Roots of "New Thinking" /

Marie Mendras
Soviet Foreign Policy
In Search of Critical Thinking /

Yutaka Akino
Soviet Asian Policy in a New Perspective /
Hannes Adomeit
The Impact of Perestroika on Soviet Europe Policy

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