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Person-centred and Experiential Therapies

Person-centred and Experiential Therapies
Contemporary Approaches and Issues in Practice

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November 2015 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

An essential new guide for any person-centred trainee or practitioner, this book explores some of the key contemporary counselling and psychotherapy approaches that have developed from classical client-centred therapy.  Part One discusses five approaches including Classic Client-Centred Therapy; Relational and Dialogical Person-Centred Therapy; Focusing-Oriented Therapy; Experiential Therapy; Emotion Focussed Therapy and Person-Centred Expressive therapy.

Each approach is introduced, considered in terms of its history, development, current context and relevant research, as well as exemplified through a range of inspiring vignettes. Part Two brings readers up-to-date with recent developments in the application of person-centred practice, including creative approaches, transcultural counselling, work with people who’ve experienced trauma as well as those who are experiencing limitations to their ability.

Written by leading UK-based and international authors, this authoritative and thought-provoking book is a must read for anyone keen to understand the many approaches of person-centred therapy.

Paul Wilkins
Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapies in the 21st Century
Theory into Practice
Paul Wilkins
Classical Client-Centred Therapy
Steve Cox
Relational and Dialogical Aspects of Person-Centred Therapeutic Practice
Glenn Fleisch
Focusing Oriented Therapy: How the Body Leads the Way at the Edge of Impasse
Graham Westwell
Experiential Therapy
Rhonda Goldman and Jeanne Watson
Emotion-Focused Therapy
Terri Goslin-Jones and Sue Ann Herron
Person-Centred Expressive Arts Therapy: An Experiential Psychology of Self-Realization
Further Developments in Person-Centred Practice
Tracey Walshaw
Creativity in Private Practice
David Murphy and Stephen Joseph
Client-Centred Therapy and Post-traumatic Growth
Connie Johnson
Person-centred Work with People Experiencing Disability
Colin Lago
Person-Centred Approach to Transcultural Issues in Therapy

The chapter by Steve Cox is one of the best I have seen on the relational approach. It could be read with advantage by any therapist claiming to be integrative, because it covers so much ground so well. The fourth chapter is by Glenn Fleish, and is a completely up to date look at Focusing and body language. Again it is extremely well done, and contains a moving case study. 

ACPNL Magazine

This is a unique contemporary take on the variety of person-centred experiential practice (in the UK) with excellent brief case examples that bring individual practice to life - not quite '100% essential' to our course, but certainly very highly recommended!

Mike Gallant
Centre for Lifelong Learning, Warwick University
August 9, 2016

I believe Carl Rogers would really love the fact that his original theories are not only being kept alive but advanced and extended. I particularly enjoyed chapters by Lago, Cox, Wilkins and Walshaw. A book for those students who have more than beginning understandings and are interested in exploring the range and diversity that the person-centred approach can encompass.

Ms Sally Chisholm
Schoolof Psychology, Keele University
April 2, 2016

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