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Personal Relationships During Adolescence

Personal Relationships During Adolescence

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April 1994 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Educators will find much useful information in Personal Relationships During Adolescence. It offers insights for program and curriculum planning and suggests numerous topics for stimulating discussions with teens. It also raises provocative issues about how the developmental needs of youth can be served more effectively by families, communities, and educators." --Family Life Educator "Personal relationships During Adolescence marks the launching of adolescent personal relationships as a field. Rather than a cohesive or exhaustive book, this book is a collection of high-quality chapters. The book holds the potential to define personal relations as an integrated line of study that serves to develop theory and research beyond contextual boundaries." Journal of Marriage and the Family The contributors to Personal Relationships During Adolescence analyze the ways in which critical interpersonal bonds are forged and maintained by presenting the current works of leading scholars and professionals. The relationships discussed are as diverse as the distinguished authors studying them: The parent-teen connection; the impact of cultural diversity on teens' social development; same-sex friends as well as opposite-sex friends during adolescence; heterosexual, bisexual, gay and lesbian romantic relationships; adolescent crowds (or cliques); and relationships involving non-kin adults. The authors also explore conceptual issues that cut across relationships and the problem of integrating the views of both individuals in a relationship. Researchers and students in the areas of adolescence, close relationships, social and personality development, and family relationships will find this a must-read book.

Raymond Montemayor
The Study of Personal Relationships During Adolescence
W Andrew Collins and Daniel J Repinski
Relationships During Adolescence
Continuity and Change in Interpersonal Perspective

Patricia Noller
Relationships with Parents in Adolescence
Process and Outcome

Catherine R Cooper
Cultural Perspectives on Continuity and Change Across the Contexts of Adolescents' Relationships
James Youniss, Jeffrey A McLellan and Darcy Strouse
`We're Popular, But We're Not Snobs'
Adolescents Describe Their Crowds

B Bradford Brown, Margaret S Mory and David A Kinney
Casting Adolescent Crowds in a Relational Perspective
Caricature, Channel, and Context

Wyndol Furman and Elizabeth A Wehner
Romantic Views
Toward a Theory of Adolescent Romantic Relationships

Ritch C Savin-Williams
Dating Those You Can't Love and Loving Those You Can't Date
Nancy Darling, Stephen F Hamilton and Starr Niego
Adolescents' Relations with Adults Outside the Family
Raymond Montemayor and Virginia R Gregg
Current Theory and Research on Personal Relationships During Adolescence

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ISBN: 9780803956810