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Personalisation in Social Work

Personalisation in Social Work

Second Edition

March 2014 | 176 pages | Learning Matters
The government agenda on Personalisation and self-directed support is fast-moving and rapidly changing. It is vital therefore that students and practitioners alike are aware of the key issues and debates, as well as the policy that surrounds this area of practice. This timely and fully revised second edition provides an overview of the personalisation agenda and looks at the recent legislation in a broad historical and theoretical perspective. This approach will provide opportunities for students to consider the changes to the social work role and to evaluate the impact of this for service users and as practitioners.

Personalisation - Where Did it Come From?
Personalisation - A Value Base for Practice
The Social Work Process and Role
Service User Groups and Personalisation
Service User Narrative
Balancing Rights and Risks in Self-Directed Support
Preparing for Practice: The Social Work Role

This is an accessible, informative and clear exploration of personalisation which will benefit students understanding around this key area of practice.

Mr David Hambling
Faculty of Sport, Health & Social Care, Gloucestershire University
May 8, 2015

This book is very relevant and easy to read for students undertaking their first placement in adult social care services

Miss Jacqueline White
Faculty of Health & Social Science, University of Bedfordshire
February 12, 2015

Clearly outlines the issues involved in the Personalisation agenda within social work. Useful text for students learning about health and social care and how they should be implementing this practice.

Mrs Marion McGuire
Health and Social Care, Impact International College
November 11, 2014

Important text to be consulted by students.

Professor Teodor Mircea ALEXIU
Humanities , University of the West Timisoara
September 20, 2014

This helps the Students with their Bibliography and "reading around the subject"

Mr Ian Lloyd
Faculty Of Health, Staffordshire University
June 13, 2014

A well written and helpful book for Students and Practitioners. The case studies and activities provide students and practitioners an opportunity for reflection and critical analysis with links to the professional Capabilities Framework (PCF).

Dr Bridget Ng'andu
Social Work, Ruskin College Oxford
March 19, 2014

Well written and clear. A must for all students studying social work

Ms Allison Dunhill
Centre For Educational Studies, Hull University
March 15, 2014

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