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Theories and Applications

Second Edition


November 2023 | 440 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Part I. Foundations
Chapter 1 Introducing Personality
Chapter 2 Scientific Foundations to Study Personality
Chapter 3 Research Methods
Part II. Psychological Traditions
Chapter 4 Psychoanalytic Tradition
Chapter 5 The Behavioral-Learning Tradition
Chapter 6 The Trait Tradition
Chapter 7 The Cognitive Tradition
Chapter 8 The Humanistic Tradition
Part III. Personality Domains
Chapter 9 The Developmental Domain
Chapter 10 The Gender Domain
Chapter 11 The Clinical Domain
Chapter 12 Personality: The Adjustment Domain
Chapter 13 The Digital Domain
Part IV. Conclusion
Chapter 14 Personality Psychology in the 2030s


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Key features


  • Short chapter-opening cases followed by basic facts, key developments related to the chapter's theme, and related theoretical approaches help students understand key content.
  • Insightful coverage on how the various approaches work together shows students how theories can be applied in a range of contexts.
  • Discussion of empirical studies outside the Western cultural tradition and across a wide range of countries contributes to students’ understanding of cross-cultural influences.
  • A separate chapter on gender discusses traditional and evolving views of sex, gender, and sexual orientation.
  • An entire chapter on the clinical domain covers mental health, personality disorders, treatments, and applications relevant to students.
  • Check and Apply Your Knowledge boxes include critical thinking questions that ask students to apply relevant theories to their everyday experiences.
  • Self-reflection boxes ask students to think critically about their own lives, activities, accomplishments, and setbacks—all in the context of chapter content.
  • Chapter-ending Visual Reviews help students understand each chapter’s key concepts.

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ISBN: 9781071857182