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11th Edition
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October 2022 | 552 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In Jerry M. Burger and Gretchen M. Reevy's Personality, 11e the historical underpinnings of core theories and research come alive through biographical and contextual illustrations. These vivid stories and discussions challenge learners to critically consider the discipline's approach to diversity, research science, and its future as a holistic field of study. Concepts throughout the text are linked to cutting edge research on biological topics, the replication controversy, and today's complex world. Within the eleventh edition, interactive measures allow students to try personality science - and to understand it - firsthand.

Chapter 1 What Is Personality?
Chapter 2 Personality Research Methods
Chapter 3 The Psychoanalytic Approach: Freudian Theory, Application, And Assessment
Chapter 4 The Freudian Approach Relevant Research
Chapter 5 The Psychoanalytic Approach Neo-Freudian Theory, Application, And Assessment
Chapter 6 The Neo-Freudian Theories Relevant Research
Chapter 7 The Trait Approach Theory, Application, And Assessment
Chapter 8 The Trait Approach Relevant Research
Chapter 9 The Biological Approach: Theory, Application, And Assessment
Chapter 10 The Biological Approach Relevant Research
Chapter 11 The Humanistic Approach Theory, Application, And Assessment
Chapter 12 The Humanistic Approach Relevant Research
Chapter 13 The Behavioral/Social Learning Approach Theory, Application, And Assessment
Chapter 14 The Behavioral/Social Learning Approach Relevant Research
Chapter 15 The Cognitive Approach Theory, Application, And Assessment
Chapter 16 The Cognitive Approach Relevant Research
Key features
The respected and recognized best seller for more than 3 decades, Jerry Burger's PERSONALITY is a solid mid-level book that fuses the best of theory-based and research-based instruction to give students an illuminating introduction to the subject. Updated with the latest research, the tenth edition includes more than 400 new references.
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