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Perspectives on Learning Disabilities in India

Perspectives on Learning Disabilities in India
Current Practices and Prospects

First Edition
Edited by:

July 2008 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Learning disabilities (LDs) remain one of the least understood and most debated disabling conditions that affect children. Perspective on Learning Disabilities in India: Current Practices and Prospects showcases how researchers and practitioners in the country have evolved strategies to resolve the fundamental questions related to LDs, while focusing on marginalized and disadvantaged groups. It not only highlights the basic issues and controversies in this field but also presents innovative, theory-driven approaches to the assessment and remediation of LDs. It also emphasizes the role of teachers—a useful resource in the absence of trained professionals—in the identification of LDs in children.

The book offers a rich overview of ways to proceed in case of LDs, thus making it a must-read for researchers, experts, and professionals associated with this field. The expert contributors to this volume provide heuristic insights that can facilitate the formulation of a research agenda and services for people with LDs in India, where research and practice in the field is still at a nascent stage.

Foreword J P DAS
Komilla Thapa
Learning Disabilities: Issues and Concerns
Geerdina M van der Aalsvoort
Young At-risk Children: An Educational Challenge or a Clinical Group Only?
Pratibha Karanth
Learning Disability and Language Learning
Ashum Gupta
Developmental Dyslexia: Evidence From Hindi-speaking Children with Dyslexia
Janak Pandey and S. K. Pant
The Marginalised Dalits: Disadvantages in Learning
Preeti Verma
Learning Disability: Challenges in Diagnosis and Assessment
Malavika Kapur
Profiles of Academic Skill Deficits in the Indian Schools
Rajani M. Konantambigi and Mamatha Shetty
Teacher Identification of Learning Problems: Comparisons with Other Measures
Nishi Tripathi and Bhoomika R. Kar
Teachers' Perception of Learning-related Problems in School-going Children: A Preliminary Report
Dhananjai Yadav and Vidya Agarwal
A Base-Line Study of Learning Disabilities: Its Prevalence, Teacher Awareness and Classroom Practices
Sunita Pagedar and Jagruti Sarnath
A Theory-driven Approach to the Diagnosis and Remediation of Learning Problems in Children: CAS and PREP
Dharmishta H Mehta
Saffolding To Learn: An Attempt
Monica Mongia, Raja Sadhu, and Manju Mehta
Detailed Assessment of Specific Learning Disability and Intervention in School Children
Geerdina M van der Aalsvoort
Identifying Issues and Looking Ahead

The book will be a good resource in programmes of teaching and disability studies and may find space with the regular academic curricula.

Contemporary Education Dialogue

The book offers a rich overview of ways to proceed in case of learning disabilities, thus making it a must read for researchers, experts and professionals associated in this field. The expert contributions to this volume provide insights that can facilitate the formulation of a research agenda and services for people with learning disabilities in India. Another important feature…is that it emphasises the role of teachers in identification of learning disabilities in children.

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