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Persuasion in Practice

Persuasion in Practice

Second Edition

February 1991 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Kathleen Reardon is one of a dozen or so contemporary scholars at the forefront of persuasion theory. . . .In addition to her original work, Reardon has a knack for translating widely diverse theories and research findings into terms understandable to those less knowledgeable about the field. In Persuasion in Practice, Reardon does two things: she presents a comprehensive summary and assessment of contemporary persuasion and research; and, she demonstrates applications of persuasion theory and research in four situations or communication 'contexts'--interpersonal, organizational, mass media, and political. Her discussion is largely descriptive and analytical, only rarely including prescriptive advice about influence. . . .The work is an invaluable resource for researchers investigating persuasion theory and practice. Moreover, because Reardon writes from a business orientation, her book will be useful for management communication and organizational behavior teachers, as well. Her excellent, business-related examples are particularly informative, suggesting, for example, an intersection of management and organizational communication." --Management Communication Quarterly What is persuasion? How is it maintained? How is it practiced and applied? Offering a unique blend of theory, research, and application, Persuasion in Practice deftly answers these questions and helps debunk many of the myths surrounding this topic. The constructs, schemata, rules, illusions, attitudes, and values of persuasion are explored and various contemporary theories are presented. In addition, the author examines persuasion as it is practiced in a number of different settings, including politics, organizations, and the mass media. For the scholar or student wishing to better understand the theoretical and research origins of current thinking on persuasion --or for the practitioner in all of us wanting to know how this current thinking translates into practice--you can't find a better resource than Persuasion in Practice.

What Persuasion is, What it is Not, and How it is Maintained
Debunking Some Myths

How People Interpret Reality
Constructs, Schemata, Rules and Illusions

Attitudes and Values
Theoretical Orientations of Persuasion Research
Contemporary Theories and Models of Persuasion
Persuasion Variables
Interpersonal Communication
Persuasion in Organizations
Persuasion and the Mass Media
Political Persuasion

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ISBN: 9780803933170