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Place and Placelessness

Place and Placelessness

May 2022 | 174 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

First published forty years ago and still widely referenced, Edward Relph's Place and Placelessness has taken its place as a classic of the phenomenological approach to the study of place and has influenced a generation of scholars.

For this reprint Professor Relph has written a new introduction setting his original work in its contemporary context. He shows how the concepts of place have been modified and yet continue to be of vital importance in interpreting a world which travel and commerce have made very different from that of 1976. In his words: “sense of place has the potential to serve as a pragmatic foundation for addressing the profound local and global challenges, such as climate change and economic disparity, that are emerging in the present century.”

Chapter 1: Place and the phenomenological basis of geography
Chapter 2: Space and place
Chapter 3: The essence of place
Chapter 4: On the identity of places
Chapter 5: A sense of place and authenticating place-making
Chapter 6: Placelessness
Chapter 7: Experiences of the present-day landscape
Chapter 8: Prospects for places

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ISBN: 9780850861761