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Planned Change Theories for Nursing

Planned Change Theories for Nursing
Review, Analysis, and Implications

December 1997 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

In a groundbreaking publication, Constance Rimmer Tiffany and Louette R. Johnson Lutjens present a foundation for nurses: understanding of planned change. Planned Change Theories for Nursing contains overviews of three widely accepted change theories and a new systems-oriented planned change theory and shows the implications of these theories for nursing practice. The first section of this book offers a thoughtful overview of the issues involved in the use of planned change theories, beginning with the rationale for studying planned change theories and important points to consider in choosing among them. The authors then explore the role of power in change and discuss moral and ethical questions involved in planned change. The final chapter in this section addresses the diagnostic process, innovations as solutions, and the evaluation of planned change. Chapter 9 serves as a transition in which the authors reflect on the implications of planned change in a representative nursing model, the well-known Roy Adaptation Model. This chapter also provides a nursing orientation for Part II, in which the authors examine in turn Lewin's micro theories; Bennis, Benne, and Chin's planned change writings; the Rogers Diffusion Model; and Bhola's Configurations Model. For each of these theories or models, the authors present an overview, an analysis and critique, and a discussion entitled, "Altering the Peg," in which the theories are individually viewed in light of the key concepts in the Roy Adaptation Model. The book concludes with a discussion of the theoretical underpinnings for carrying out planned change research and incorporating research findings in nursing practice. In addition, the appendixes provide a wealth of source information for the theories discussed.

Planned Change Theories for Nursing makes a significant contribution to the nursing literature and will be welcomed by scholars, advanced practitioners, and students in nursing administration, theory and research.

Planned Change Theories
Choose Well, Use Well

Fuel for Your Engine

The `High Ground'
A Problem
Says Who? (Diagnostics)

Solutions that Fit
Choose the Right Path

Action Plans To Get You There
Strategies and Tactics

Did It Work? (Evaluation)
Altering Square Pegs To Fit Round Holes
Lewins's Micro Theories
Analysis and Critique of Lewin's Micro Theories
Altering the Lewin Square Peg
Bennis, Benne and Chin's Planned Change Writings
Analysis and Critique of the Planned Change Writings of Bennis, Benne and Chin
Altering the Bennis, Benne and Chin Square Peg
The Rogers Diffusion Model
Analysis and Critique of the Rogers Diffusion Model
Altering the Diffusion Model Square Peg
Bhola's Configuration (CLER) Model
Analysis and Critique of Bhola's Configurations (CLER) Model
Altering the CLER Model Square Peg
Theoretical Underpinnings for Nursing's Planned Change Research
Planned Change Theories and Research-Based Nursing Practice

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ISBN: 9780761902355

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