Playful Teaching and Learning

Playful Teaching and Learning

April 2017 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Every early years practitioner should be able to captivate and maintain the interest of young children in their setting, through the provision of a playful learning experience.

Covering age ranges 3-8 years, Playful Teaching and Learning explores the importance of infusing playfulness throughout the entire early years day, and includes chapters that:
  • Establish the core principles underpinning playful teaching and learning
  • Help students and practitioners understand how playfulness can be applied to all aspects of the early years curriculum including mathematics, literacy, outdoor environments, science & technology, and ICT
  • Explore core issues in early years provision including observing, planning & assessment, and how they relate to playful learning
  • Emphasis the role and qualities of the playful professional
This is a fantastic resource for any student or practitioner looking to enrich the lives of young children through meaningful playful learning experiences.
Section 1: Principles of Playful Teaching and Learning
Glenda Walsh
Chapter 1 Why Playful Teaching and Learning?
Liz Sproule
Chapter 2 Mental Models of Early Years Practice: Digging Deeper
Glenda Walsh
Chapter 3 Pillars of Practice for Playful Teaching and Learning
Section 2: Playful Teaching and Learning across the Curriculum
Carol McGuinness
Chapter 4 Playful Thinking in Action: Tools for Cultivating Children’s Thinking
Ross Ó Corráin and Elizabeth Dunphy
Chapter 5 Playful Pedagogies in Early Childhood Mathematics
Catherine Gilliland
Chapter 6 Playful Approaches to Literacy
Marion Dowling and Glenda Walsh
Chapter 7 Growing the Child in the Playful Setting
Richard Greenwood
Chapter 8 Playful Learning in Natural Outdoor Environments
Christine Stephen
Chapter 9 ICT Made Playful
Andrea Doherty and John McCullagh
Chapter 10 Playful Approaches to Science and Technology
Section 3: The Role of the Playful Professional
Jacqueline Fallon
Chapter 11 Hopeful Intentions: Planning for Playful Teaching and Learning
Glenda Walsh and Elizabeth Sproule
Chapter 12 Assessment in the Playful Teaching and Learning Experience
Dorothy McMillan
Chapter 13 Towards the Playful Professional

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Playful Teaching and Learning - Chapter 1

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