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Politics of Globalization

Politics of Globalization

First Edition
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June 2018 | 468 pages | SAGE India
Politics of Globalization presents an up-to-date perspective on the kaleidoscopic politics of globalization. The authors analyze the existing definitions of capitalism and argue that globalization and the consequent growing multi-polarity in world politics is not a crisis but a proliferation of capitalisms. This network of capitalisms becomes the framework of the politics of the new globalization.

This compilation by social scientists across the globe is an empirical and theoretical exploration of the political responses to globalization. The authors examine the impacts of the decline of US domination in trade and finance and compare it to the rise of Asian economies, with special focus on China and India. The articles explore the multiple impacts of globalization: the impact of new global political relations on 21st century international division of labor, the relation between gender equality and globalization, trade union politics and globalization, ecological politics and globalization discourse, dual citizenship and global politics, and globalization of language and culture. They also discuss the anti-globalization movements and argue that these might change the course of current trends in globalization processes.

This book will be a great value for social scientists and economists as well as politicians, social activists, and other professionals interested in the study of globalization and its consequences.

Jan Nederveen Pieterse
Prologue: New Balance
Samir Dasgupta
Introduction: A Reflection on Politics of Globalization and Textual Entrails
Andre Gunder Frank
Coup d'etat and Paper Tiger in Washington, Fiery Dragon in the Pacific
Manfred B Steger
From "We the People" to "We the Planet": Neoconservative Visions of a Global USA
Leslie Sklair
The Transnational Capitalist Class and the Politics of Capitalist Globalization
William K Tabb
Transnationalization, Class and the State
Ray Kiely
Globalization Theory or Theories of (Capitalist) Globalization?: The Political Implications of the Distinction
Immanuel Wallerstein
Entering Global Anarchy
Jan Nederveen Pieterse
Towards the 21st Century International Division of Labor
Douglas Kellner
Dialectics of Globalization: from Theory to Practice
Tomás Mac Sheoin and Nicola Yeates
Policing Anti-Globalisation Protests: Patterns and Variations in State Responses
Samir Dasgupta
Globalization Politics with Women's Empowerment
Biswajit Ghosh
Coping with Market Liberalism: Politics of Trade Unionism in Contemporary India
Steven Best
Globalization and the Human Empire
John J Green and Anna M Kleiner
Exploring Global Agrifood Politics and the Position of Limited Resource Producers in the United States
Nico Stehr
Nothing has been Decided: The Chances and Risks of Feasible Globalization
Peter Kivisto and Thomas Faist
The Boundaries of Citizenship: Dual, Nested, and Global
Ananda Das Gupta
Globalization: Whither Socially Responsible Initiatives?
Amitai Etzioni
A Global Community-building Language?
Gabriel Ignatow
Sites of Globalization: The Social and Cultural Origins of Community Libraries

The book is rich in facts, figures and multidisciplinary analysis on the concept of globalization…. It is intellectually rich and thought provoking.

The Financial Express

A most timely work…. Politics of Globalization should be valued as providing essential insights into man’s current condition. It is a timely exploration of the compounded crises of our times and should be perused by everyone who is desirous of understanding the present global political-economy

The Island

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