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India’s Energy Shortage and Its Impact

First Edition

March 2014 | 310 pages | SAGE India
This is a book about India’s energy shortage, its causes, and consequences.

Powerless details how much coal, oil, gas, uranium, and power the country uses, and for what purposes. It examines the quantity of these things the country produces and where. The book looks at the sizes of the gaps between supply and demand, and how the country fills them with imports. It then discusses how the shortages and resulting imports affect the country’s economy, businesses, and residents.

After examining the current scenario, the author moves on to look at predictions for how fast demand and supply will grow, how big the shortages of natural resources might become in the next few years, and whether India is likely to be able—politically, logistically, and financially—to fill these gaps with imports. The book also looks at the environmental and health effects of India’s growing energy use, and how efforts to mitigate these are likely to affect demand for coal, oil, gas, and uranium.
Introduction: India’s Energy Shortage
Demand: India's Thirst for Energy
Domestic Production: India's Energy Resources
The Shortage: Where Are the Gaps?
Imports: Depending on Others
The Future: Domestic Production
The Future: Increasing Imports
Emissions, Pollution, and Climate Change
The Impacts of the Shortages
The Path Ahead: Hard Choices