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Practical Program Evaluation

Practical Program Evaluation
Examples from Child Abuse Prevention

December 1989 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Practical Program Evaluation offers a step-by-step analysis of successful program evaluation. Although the case illustrations and examples are gathered from child abuse prevention programs, the basic methods described can be applied to any program evaluation." --The Chronicle of Philanthropy "Quite useful as a 'how to' manual. For those unfamiliar with the topic, it does an excellent job of 'demystifying' evaluation by providing the information in an easy-to-read manner. For those accustomed to evaluation, it is useful to have a book with information specifically for child abuse and neglect prevention programs. The book's greatest asset is the rich resource information it provides. . . . The book is an excellent resource guide for all programs wanting to conduct their own evaluations. . . . The appendices and resource lists are a must for anyone conducting evaluations of child abuse and neglect prevention programs. --The Advisor: American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children "Written for students and professionals whether evaluators familiar with research design and methods or child abuse prevention staff who need a guide to programme evaluation research. . . . A valuable overview and resource." --Journal of the Institute of Health Education How can one design a successful program evaluation? What research designs should be considered? What types of data collection instruments are available? And, what steps are involved in analyzing the data collected? From the start of a program evaluation to analyzing the final data, Practical Program Evaluation offers a convenient, step-by-step manual for evaluating any program. Beginning with an overview and discussion on three distinct models of evaluation (Input, Process, and Group or Client Level Outcomes), the authors continue by presenting basic, yet concise instructions on how to perform specialized evaluation procedures. Topics related to choosing samples, selecting research designs, constructing data collection instruments, scheduling data collection, training data collectors, and analyzing findings are all thoroughly covered. And, while examples and case illustrations are taken from child abuse prevention programs, the techniques described here can be easily applied to any program evaluation. For the evaluator familiar with research design and method--but not an expert in child welfare--this impressive manual provides strategies and resources specific to program evaluation. For students of child abuse prevention and program staffers, this informative guide offers an easy-to-follow roadmap to the often complex process of program evaluation research.

Input Evaluation
Case Studies and Practice Guides
Input Evaluation

Process Evaluation
Case Studies and Practice Guides
Process Evaluation

Group Level Outcome Evaluation
Client Level Outcome Evaluation
Case Studies and Practice Guides
Group and Client Level Outcome Evaluations

Planning an Evaluation Study
Obtaining Data Collection Instruments
Collecting the Data
Analyzing the Data
Reporting Evaluation Findings

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ISBN: 9780803934962