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Pre-Approved Permission Requests

Sage provides gratis non-exclusive permission for limited re-uses of its content without the need for a formal request, as indicated below.  This approval excludes any third-party content which requires permission from a separate copyright holder.

When re-using content under these terms, you must provide a full citation to the original source of the Sage material wherever such material appears in your publication.

If you determine that your re-use does require permission, please see Process for Requesting Permission for further instruction.

Journals Exceptions

Information on this page does not apply to content sourced from the following journals:

  • Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
  • Contexts
  • Diogenes
  • Environment and Urbanization
  • European Journal of Archaeology
  • Journal of Asian and African Studies
  • Journal of Fire Protection Engineering
  • Journal of Perioperative Practice
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Index on Censorship
  • International Journal of Comparative Sociology
  • International Review of Administrative Sciences
  • Race and Class
  • Society and Mental Health
  • Transcultural Psychiatry

Gold Open Access and Sage Choice

If you wish to reuse an Open Access article under a Creative Commons License (as indicated on the article), visit our page on Reusing Open Access and Sage Choice Content for more information.


Article Sharing

Sage Journals article access sharing lets you share a read-only version of an article with your friends and colleagues or on social media. For further information, see Sage Journals Article Sharing.

Dissertation/Thesis Reuse

You may reuse up to three (3) figures/tables or a total of up to 400 words from a Sage journal in your dissertation/thesis, provided the work will not be hosted on a commercial platform (such as ProQuest).

If your re-use exceeds this allowance, or if you will be posting your work on a commercial platform, you will need to request permission for the reuse.

Short Excerpts

You may republish no more than a total of 200 words or 10% of the article, whichever is less, from a single journal article within your new publication.

Journal Abstracts

Sage permits the non-commercial reuse of our Journal article abstracts in their entirety, without permission. A Sage journal abstract is the preview summary of the article freely viewable on the Sage Journals website.

For clarity, the reuse of a poster or presentation abstract that appear in some journals is not included in this policy and requires permission.

In addition to a full citation, you must also include a link to the article on the Sage website.  Abstracts may not be edited.


Sage is a signatory member of the STM Guidelines, which allows small amounts of material to be re-used by participating publishers under pre-agreed terms. If your publisher is also a signatory and the content you wish to use falls within the allowed totals under the Guidelines, you may reuse the content without permission.

Linking to Sage Journals

You are permitted to link to a journal article on the Sage Journals website without permission.  Providing a direct link to an article PDF requires permission.  

For Contributions published as Sage Choice, or via Gold Open Access journals, see Reusing Open Access and Sage Choice Content.


References to a Sage article that do not directly reuse content do not require permission.  Full citation is required, however author notification is not.

Author Reuse

Sage authors wishing to reuse their own work may be able to do so within limitations.  Please see Guidelines for Sage Authors.