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Announcement made on behalf of the Social Justice Foundation

August 7, 2019

 The Social Justice Foundation announced with deep regret today that Pacific Standard, the magazine published by the Foundation and almost entirely funded by SAGE Publishing, will be closing this month.
Pacific Standard has been a path breaking and award-winning magazine and one which SAGE has supported for over ten years since its original launch as Miller McCune magazine.
However, SAGE is unable to continue to offer the very considerable financial support that the magazine requires to be viable while also investing in the core businesses of SAGE Publishing and, as a result, the Board of the Foundation had no alternative but to take this decision.
The Board of the Social Justice Foundation would like to record their thanks and admiration to all the staff, past and present, to contributors, and to everyone else who has been involved in publishing Pacific Standard and wish them well in their future endeavors. Pacific Standard has published the stories that matter in a way that few other publications have done, and offers a model for journalism in terms of quality, evidence-based reporting, and engagement in critical issues.
The Board is committed to exploring options for maintaining the availability of Pacific Standard’s content or otherwise continuing the work of the magazine.

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