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SAGE Publishing launches open access journal Chronic Stress

June 21, 2016

SAGE Publishing is delighted to announce the launch of Chronic Stress, an open access journal dedicated to the science of stress with a particular emphasis on the effects of long-term stress. The journal also covers stress-related psychiatric disorders such as mood, anxiety, trauma, and more.

Chronic Stress will bring together experts in the field with strong interest in the prevention, identification, and treatment of the negative effects of stress,” commented Dr. Chadi G. Abdallah, Editor.

The journal publishes original and review articles examining how stress causes changes in behavior and biology, including neurobiology. The journal also accepts preclinical, clinical, and translational reports on the signs and treatment of long-term stress.

Chronic Stress will provide access to high-quality, peer-reviewed content for stress researchers, medical professionals, and the public,” commented Bob Howard, Vice President of Journals, SAGE Publishing. “As an open access publication, the journal will serve as a global exchange of knowledge and ideas regarding stress research, with the aim of accelerating efforts to minimize the negative impacts of stress on people’s health and quality of life.”

The journal is based on Research Domain Criteria (RDoC), a research framework outlined by the National Institute of Mental Health, and focuses on stress and distress as responses to “sustained threats.”  

Dr. Abdallah continued, “We aim to establish a high impact RDoC-based journal particularly focusing on the “sustained threat” construct (a.k.a. chronic stress or distress construct).”

For more information on the journal, click here.

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