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SAGE Publishing releases encyclopedia in the advancing field of intellectual and developmental disabilities

September 6, 2018

How can advances in genetics, brain imaging, treatments, and assessment reduce the stigma associated with intellectual and developmental disorders? How does this research further our understanding of these disorders, giving rise to possible treatment and policy options? SAGE Publishing announces the release of The SAGE Encyclopedia of Intellectual and Developmental Disorders to investigate these issues and more.

Compiled by leading psychologists, psychiatrists, and neurologists, this four-volume set takes an interdisciplinary approach, covering sociocultural viewpoints, policy implications, educational applications, and ethical issues.

“Approximately 1 to 3 percent of the population have an intellectual disability while approximately one in five children have a learning or attentional disability,” writes editor and Harvard Medical School associate professor of psychology Ellen Braaten. “The field of intellectual and developmental disabilities is quite broad and The SAGE Encyclopedia of Intellectual and Developmental Disorders presents an in-depth look at a broad array of disorders, alongside [corresponding] interventions, research, historical context, case studies, and assessment tools.”

The publication is aimed at students who are taking courses or conducting research in the fields of clinical psychology, child development, health sciences, nursing, education, human development, and family studies. The included Reader’s Guide helps students navigate through more than 500 entries by organizing related articles thematically. Among the 14 themes are:

  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity
  • Health, Wellness, and Resiliency
  • Historical Views of Intelligence and Development
  • Learning, Psychological, and Behavioral Disorders
  • Public Policy Issues
  • Therapies and Interventions

For more information, read the full description of The SAGE Encyclopedia of Intellectual and Developmental Disorders.


The SAGE Encyclopedia of Intellectual and Developmental Disorders

February 2018                                                                   1944 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4833-9229-5                                             Price: $645.00

eISBN: 978-1-5063-5329-6


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