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Primary Computing and ICT: Knowledge, Understanding and Practice

Primary Computing and ICT: Knowledge, Understanding and Practice

Sixth Edition

July 2014 | 296 pages | Learning Matters

This popular text for primary trainees in teaching primary ICT has been updated in line with the new computing curriculum.

What do you need to know to teach ICT and computing in primary schools? How do you teach it?

This book provides practical guidance on how to teach ICT and the computing curriculum in primary schools alongside the necessary subject knowledge. It explores teaching and learning with applications and technologies, addressing the role of the professional teacher with regards to important issues such as e-safety. This Sixth Edition is updated in line with the new curriculum for computing. It includes new material on how to integrate programming and computational thinking and explores how to harness new tools such as blogging and social media to enrich learning and teaching. Written in an accessible way, it will help trainees to develop confidence in their own approach to teaching.

ICT and computing is both a subject and a powerful teaching and learning tool throughout the school curriculum and beyond, into many areas of children’s learning lives. This text highlights the importance of supporting children to become discerning and creative users of technology as opposed to passive consumers.

Organising ICT in your classroom
Planning for primary computing as a subject
Planning for primary ICT in other subjects
Planning ICT in the Early Years Foundation Stage
Assessment and recording in primary computing and ICT
Monitoring primary computing and ICT
Word processing and desktop publishing
Graphics software and digital cameras
Media production: Video, animation and ICT
Graphing programs
Databases and spreadsheets
Programming and computational thinking
Mobile technologies
Interactive whiteboards
Digital audio and music
The internet
Social media: Tools for communicating, collaborating and publishing
Professional use of ICT
Ethical and legal issues
Self-assessment questions

A valuable addition to the reading list. Each section is clearly laid out with practical tasks and useful research summaries.

Miss Anita Gebarowicz
Faculty of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University
July 8, 2016

This edition is extremely relevant due to the significant recent changes in the computing curriculum.

Ms Lucille Feather
School of Education, Hertfordshire University
December 11, 2015

This book is invaluable in supporting students, trainee teachers and teachers with the changes to the computing curriculum. It is easily accessible with key terms broken down into plain English. The new chapters that relate to coding are clear and demystify the computing terminology showing how it can be put into practice in the classroom.

Ms Melanie Bradford
School of Education, Brighton University
May 21, 2015

An excellent primer for understanding changes to the ICT/Computing National Curriculum which will be helpful for in-service practitioners as well as trainees. A worthwhile revision to a classic text that puts the new curriculum into context and emphasises aspects of continuity as well as change.

Debbie Simpson
Education (Lancaster), St Martin's College
April 9, 2015

Using as supplementary test for an ICT and English course. Some useful and easily accessible chapters in section 2 on video, audio and social media.

There is also an excellent introduction to programming and computational thinking for readers new to these concepts following on from the introduction of the new Primary Computing curriculum.

Faculty of Education (Carlisle), St Martin's College
April 1, 2015

The book very interesting however I no longer contribute to this aspect of the MA Ed.

Ms Therese Lewis
School Of Health Social Work & Educ, Northumbria University
March 17, 2015


Mrs Wendy Dixon
Faculty of Education, Edge Hill University
February 18, 2015

This is an extremely useful books for the teaching assistant undergraduates, particularly as it has been updated to reflect the revised curriculum.

Ms Rosemary Childs
Teacher Education, Havering College of FE & HE
January 3, 2015

An excellent resource for those teaching computing in the primary school

Mrs Heather Macdonald
Faculty of Education & Children's Services, Chester University
December 16, 2014

A timely publication which offers students a firm foundation for developing their knowledge and understanding of digital technologies within the primary setting. References to specific software with relevant examples of practice are particularly helpful.

Dr Ruth Wood
School of Education, Kingston University
October 17, 2014

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