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Primary English: Knowledge and Understanding

Primary English: Knowledge and Understanding

Eighth Edition (Revised and Updated Edition)
Companion Website

May 2017 | 320 pages | Learning Matters
Now with online resources to support subject knowledge!

Secure subject knowledge and understanding is the foundation of confident, creative and effective teaching. To help your students master this, the Eighth Edition of this established text now comes with a range of online resources available on the brand new companion website including:
  • Interactive English subject knowledge audit: to assess your students subject knowledge in primary English. Save valuable teaching time at the start of the year by setting is as a pre-course audit and ensure students have an accurate picture of their ability before they begin. Grading your students' overall performance, results can be shared with you immediately and include further reading suggestions so students can revisit areas where they require improvement.
  • Reflective self-assessment questions: more than 70 "check your learning" questions help consolidate students’ understanding of each chapter topic and monitor their learning as they work through the book.
  • Irregular verbs: a handy reference of all the irregular verbs so trainees can teach English confidently.
  • Glossary: building students' knowledge, the full online glossary of terms for English helps them know their "digraph" from your "soliloquy."
This Eighth Edition, covering the whole primary curriculum, also includes new chapters on handwriting and the nature of learning. Updated interactive activities throughout the book engage students in their learning and enable discussion. Using this book in conjunction with the free online resources really makes this the complete package for developing English subject knowledge. 
Spoken English and Standard English
The nature of learning
The acquisition of language
Representing sound in writing
Words, vocabulary and morphology
The grammar of the sentence in Standard English
The components of sentences
Cohesion: grammar at the level of the text
The qualities of stories
The qualities of poetry
The qualities of drama
Looking at information books
Electronic texts

A clear, succinct and accessible text for all trainee teachers, highlighting links between theory and classroom practice and instilling the vital importance of acquiring and maintaining excellent subject knowledge

Mrs Susan Braud
Department of Teacher Education, Bedfordshire University
June 19, 2017
Key features
  • Popular and widely recommended core text for primary English subject knowledge
  • Comprehensive full guidance in one text
  • Includes interactive activities to engage learners
  • Updated in line with the new National Curriculum

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