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Promoting Health

Promoting Health
Politics and Practice

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Lee Adams - Health Action Zone, Wakefield Health Authority, Wakefield
  • Mary Amos - Healthy Portsmouth, Portsmouth
  • James Munro - University of Sheffield, UK

July 2002 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`A very interesting melange of descriptive material - in the form of case studies - and more analytical and conceptual pieces covering the broad span of the health and well-being agenda' - Health Matters

Promoting Health provides an up-to-date and accessible introduction to current health promotion and public health developments in the UK. The text provides both an outline of health promotion theory and draws on the experience of practitioners to demonstrate health promotion practice and provide students, policymakers and practitioners with practical and theoretical inspiration.

Promoting Health:

- shows clearly the links between health promotion theory and practice, by featuring a range of practical case studies

- includes short papers on key issues within health promotion

- provides a British focus on health promotion but within an international context

This highly accessible volume seeks to present views of health promotion from a materialist perspective - a view widely shared in practice, but not previously explored fully within the literature.

Polly Toynbee
Lee Adams, Mary Amos and James Munro
Charles Webster and Jeff French
The Cycle of Conflict
The History of the Public Health and Health Promotion Movement

Maddy Halliday
Practising Health for all in the UK
Geof Rayner
Building a UK Public Health Movement
A Phoenix from the Ashes?

Lee Adams and Frances Cunning
Promoting Social and Community Development in Sheffield
A Reflection of Ten Year's Work

Charles Secrett and Simon Bullock
Sustainable Development and Health
Martin Caraher
National and International Policy Perspectives
Sue Grieg and Neil Parry
Local Communities and Sustainable Regeneration in the East End of Sheffield
Eurig Scandrett
Environmental Justice
Mary Amos
Community Development
Martine Standish
Theory, Opportunity, Serendipity
Community Development in Sheffield

Marian Barnes
User Movements, Community Development and Health Promotion
Ruth Sutherland
Community Development and Health Work in Northern Ireland
Context, History and Development

Maria Duggan
Social Exclusion, Discrimination and the Promotion of Health
Pete Alcock
Anti-Poverty Strategies
Lorraine Gradwell
Disability and Public Health
Sue Laughlin
Women and Public Health
Hilary Russell
Regeneration and Health
Lee Adams
The Wakefield Health Action Zone
A Case Study in Area-Focused Working

Deb Hankins and Melissa Stead
Opportunities for Improving Health Through Regeneration
James Petts
Health and Local Food Initiatives
Dexter Whitfield and James Munro
Public Services and Health
Alan Beattie
Education for Systems Change
A Key Resource for Radical Action on Health

Fiona Campbell
Public Services, Public Health and Health Promotion
The Role of Local Authorities

Judith Emanuel
Citizens' Advice Bureaux in Primary Care
A Tool for Staff to Address Social and Economic Inequalities


'A very interesting melange of descriptive material - in the form of case studies - and more analytical and conceptual pieces covering the broad span of the health and well-being agenda' - Health Matters

An excellent text for linking theory to practice. Useful for a wide range of health care practitioners.

Mrs Sandra Faircloth
Health , Northumbria University
May 12, 2015

This book could be used as a supplementary book for health promotion and policy context.

Mrs Emuobo Erhawah
Department of Community Health, London Metropolitan Uni (North Campus)
April 23, 2014

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