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Proposal Savvy

Proposal Savvy
Creating Successful Proposals for Media Projects

February 1996 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

"Experienced proposal writers should not be misled into thinking this book is for the novice alone. Everyone who has an idea or project to sell in any communication venue can gain a competitive edge and profit well from the ideas presented here."
--Mary Alice Shaver, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"Proposal Savvy is a unique book that both media professionals and students will find is an invaluable guide to generating proposals. Highly readable and interesting, it takes the reader step-by-step through the proposal process, from creating ideas to delivering the finished product. I particularly liked the sections on 'how the pros do it', which nicely illustrate how the author's ideas can be applied in the real world. This book leaves no stone unturned, with pointers on dress, posture, and eye contact and an entire chapter devoted to how to effectively use visuals to present your final proposal. This comprehensive reference source will undoubtedly, have a major impact on the art of proposal writing for years to come."
--Roy L. Moore, Professor, School of Journalism and Telecommunications, University of Kentucky

Learn how to:

- Evaluate, verify, and analyze information in order to compose an evidence-based proposition
- Target the audiences you intend to inform or influence
- Eliminate counterarguments and resistance before the fact
- Deliver an effectively researched and persuasively presented proposal

Proposal Savvy defines, clarifies, and demystifies each phase of proposal development. No more guesswork. You will learn how to employ the time-honored process of problem solving and the critical/creative-thinking skill that drives it, how this reasoning system applies to not just a few but a variety of proposal opportunities, and how to anticipate and overcome barriers to a "yes" decision from executive or client. Proposal Savvy also explains how to deliver a persuasive oral argument of the written document and how to enhance the delivery with effective use of visual aids. In addition, over 40 seasoned professionals in print and broadcast, public relations, and advertising at 22 major media houses across the country introduce actual proposal cases they've resolved. Their discussions illustrate how the principles of problem solving and critical/creative thinking described in the book play out for proposal making in the real world of mass media. Proposal Savvy offers the means to produce an artfully designed and powerfully persuasive proposal that stands up to question. This book will interest the novice and professional alike--all those who must produce ideas and present them to newspaper editors, broadcast directors, public relations and advertising executives, and ultimately the client. Educators interested in teaching their students disciplined work habits and developing abilities to thinking critically and creatively will find this text a rewarding instructional tool.


Mary Alice Shaver
New Age Media Enterprise

Media Proposals as Creative Problem Solving
Media Proposal Classes and Types
Pre-Proposal Activity I
Key Functions

Pre-Proposal Activity II
Key Cognitive Functions

Writing the Media Proposal I
Key Components

Writing the Media Proposal II
Content and Style

The Creative Factor
Cues and Insights

Getting to `Yes'
The Art of Proposal Delivery

The Use and Display of Visuals

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